Hamas’ Latest Drone Video Is Lame Agitprop Again


Israel shot down a Hamas drone yesterday along the coast.

So naturally, Hamas need to push lame propaganda about their drones “penetrating the enemy” and such, and they do it with edited video.

Here’s one such video

What you can see in this video is two places in Israel, Yet the drone itself was flying over Gazan airspace the entire time

Kerem Shalom
Kerem Shalom

The first image is of Kibbutz Kerem Shalom. The Kibbutz sits right on the border with Gaza on the east, and this video was taken from its west.

Kerem Shalom in Google Earth, click Image for more detail
Kerem Shalom in Google Earth, click Image for more details

As you can see, that red line is the border between Israel and Gaza.

The second location shown is Kissufim (former) border crossing

Kissufim Crossing
Kissufim Crossing

Once again, the image was taken from the west, and you can clearly see the dirt track besides the border fence as well.

Kissufim Crossing, click image for more details
Kissufim Crossing in Google Earth, click image for more details

Here too you can see the border line.

Hamas’ propaganda during operation Protective Edge has the dubious trait of being lamer than Brazil during they’re 7-1 thrashing to Germany.

It consists of old photos, briefly taking over popular Israeli Facebook pages, and forgetting to fire when they say they will. Their supporters went as far as portraying Hollyood films as “scenes from Gaza“.

And let’s not forget about the 12-year old doing their tweeting.

All in all, Hamas was dealt a huge military, political, and moral blow. Then again, the irrational psyche of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists means they are bound to claim their “holy victory”. These claims crash down faster than their drones, yet with quick editing, they”ll make Gazans and useful idiots around the world believe their every word.

EDIT: It appears as though a Rotter.net thread on this topic was posted several hours before this post. I’ll retype what I told Bob in the comments:

I wasn’t aware of the Rotter thread until now. I do not read or partake Rotter forums, and have also shown the image of Kissufim that doesn’t appear in that thread.



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