Hillary Clinton Speaks Out In Support Of Israel

Earlier today, I posted about Jon Stewart’s disgusting “jokes” at Israel’s expense and in defense of the palestinians.

In the very next show, he interviewed Hillary Clinton. And while I have never been a fan of hers, she puts Stewart in his place and shows strong support for Israel (hat tip: Harry).

The cynic in me believes she is making a play for the Jewish vote for her inevitable Presidential bid.

But I’ll keep an open mind and acknowledge her comments.

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And Now Bill Clinton Shows He “Gets It” On Israel And Hamas by Aussie Dave | Israellycool
17 July 2014 at 9:07pm
[…] on from Hillary’s strong show of support for Israel, it is now hubby ...

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  • Travis

    She is making a play for the Jewish vote but good for her in putting the unfunny Stewart in his place.

    • walt kovacs

      how did she do that?

      by saying that hamas is committed to resistance?

  • Travis

    Stewart’s contempt for Israel is pretty palpable.

  • udi yogev

    Thought Stewart was smarter than that, but seems i was wrong. The way he tries to equate Hamas with Netanyahu is particularly ignorant, if not outright vile.

    • walt kovacs

      its vile

      and while stewart is usually very good at educating himself on a given subject, it appears that he has purposefully made sure to stay ignorant on this one

  • Jim from Iowa

    It’s never too early to get on the Hillary bandwagon, Dave.

    • joelgol

      Yeah let’s vote for Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriends wife.

      • walt kovacs

        im not gonna vote or not vote for hillary based upon what bill did or didnt do

        presidents who screw around, usually dont end up screwing the country

        • Merkaz

          She was an enabler and stayed with him because she is interested in power. Sorry but character does at times count.

  • Travis

    Leibovich is big into the moral equivalence game.

    • walt kovacs

      and hillary didnt work to hard to sway him from that view

      ya, building apts is exactly like firing rockets on civilians

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I would hope that Hillary’s son-in-law set her straight after she left the State Department.

    • walt kovacs

      why? cuz he is a jew who married a shiksa goddess?

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Marrying a shiksa doesn’t mean that he has jettisoned his conscience. Chelsea may be rich, but a goddess? The IDF’s women soldiers are far more attractive.

    • walt kovacs

      why? cuz he is a jew who married a shiksa goddess?

  • Apartheidthynameispalestine

    I like his show but time and again he proves how grossly ignorant he is. Proving that no amount of education absolves u of stupidity

    Stewart is the moronic twat who allowed the king of Jordan to say that solve the Israel Palestine issue and all wars in the region will be solved ie blame the Jews

    What was Stewarts response to this ridiculous and utterly stupid slander….. Nada f…all nothing

  • walt kovacs

    well, she is definitely running for president

    i would like to remind everyone of this


    if she wins, she will be no diff then the rest

    “leadership committed to resistance……”

    terrorism is not resistance


  • Hard Little Machine

    Two things: 1) he calls Hamas freedom fighters and 2) he will leave showbiz for a job in the Hillary regime, likely something in the arena of Muslim outreach.

  • unpluggged

    Hehe, “Gorilla turned politician”.

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  • Dan

    Unfortunately, some of her best stuff wasn’t aired — it was part of the “extended interview” that was web only.

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