Egyptian TV Host Asks Hamas: “Are You Out Of Your Mind?”

Egyptian television host Osama Mounir has some words to say about Hamas’s rejection of the Egyptian-proposed ceasefire, as well as Hamas’s list of demands.

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    In accepting the Egyptian ceasefire offer, Israel fulfilled a sacred commandment. “When you go to war against your enemies, first offer peace.” As a result, Israelis should be able to do what they have to do in Gaza with a clean conscience.

  • rsfan1

    This television host wants Israel to be set ablaze with dirty gasoline. That’s his words. Why the ef should I care what else he has to say?

    • Hellinahandcart

      It may sound extreme, but its only a spot of arse-covering to show solidarity with fellow Arabs – a bit like a sexually confused guy feeling it his duty to comment on a spectacular pair of breasts so that his mates don’t start asking awkward questions..

      • Alexi

        Not exactly the analogy I’d been expecting! roflmao!!!

      • Alexi

        Not exactly the analogy I’d been expecting! roflmao!!!

  • dodyg

    There is no love lost between the current Egypt government and Hamas. Egypt’s police slaughtered at least 1000 Muslim Brotherhood members in the middle of Cairo last year in less than a day. The common refrain of people on the street in the aftermath was that the police was too soft.

  • Simon

    Funny how he thinks it is outrageous for Hamas to demand that the Raphia crossing would be opened, because of Egypt’s sovereignty, but thinks the end of the Israeli blockade is a reasonable demand.

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