The Different Messages To Civilians In This Conflict

Israel’s message to Gazan civilians:

Hamas’ messages to Israeli civilians:

eaten straw

Enough said.

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  • CableLegend

    Netanyahu was on CNN this morning in the US; great spokesman & leader for Israel, IMO.

    • mzk1_1

      Israel finally has what it always needed, a Curtis Lemay (h/t Bill Whittle). Now Netanyahu can complain about all of the “extremists” keeping him from being more suicidal restrained. A funny role for a moderate businessman like Bennet to play, but I feel better now about getting my wife to vote for him.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Hamas only motivates Israelis to fight harder. “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

  • Jim from Iowa

    OK, but where are innocent Gazans to go to seek refuge? Ben Wedeman of CNN has been reporting that there are not the bomb shelters in Gaza as there are in Israel and because Egypt has closed its border, there is no where for people to go to escape the bombing. The BBC News World Service reported that out of operational necessity, the IDF was refusing UN relief efforts to supply one of their refugee centers in NE Gaza. I didn’t hear Netanyahu offer sanctuary in Israel. At what point does operational necessity to keep Israeli citizens safe become collective punishment of innocent Palestinians for the criminal acts of Hamas?

    • Steve Loeb

      Any UN, UNWRA facility. They have warehouses, schools, camps, all sorts of facilities … Ben Wedeman was mouthing the PA line – that “there’s no place for Gazan’s to go”. Really? No place”? The media so often just mindlessly repeats what they’ve heard without thinking much about if its really true.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Huffington Post is pointing out that there is no place for Palestinians to go to be safe. UNRWA spokesman stated that they are caring for 63,000 refugees within Gaza and are running out of supplies and need immediate assistance. From the reports I am seeing, civilians are left with few options to remain safe in Gaza. I am not there, so I don’t know firsthand what the truth is. Am I to discredit all American news report on conditons in Gaza assuming that they are all mouthing the PA line?

        • Steve Loeb

          You certainly should discredit ALL reports from UNRWA since we know now they will do whatever they need to sell the Hamas line – after all, if they will hide their rockets and then when caught – return them – its not a leap to imagine they will also sell whatever line Hamas wants and doing all it can to paint the picture the poor civilians (that Hamas is trying desperately to get killed) have no place to go while the evil Israelis are bombing them …

        • E ben Abuya

          Pretty much. Some out of laziness some out of malice, some not to lose access; like the reporters in Iraq before Saddam Hussein fell.

          Times of Israel is a pretty good source

          As is Arutz Sheva

          Ha’aretz is a waste of time; but fortunately it’s behind a paywall

    • Hard Little Machine

      That’s their problem. Elect better terrorists next time. Remember these are the legitimately elected peaceful leaders as certified by Jimmy Carter.

    • E ben Abuya

      Why don’t you ask the innocent civilians of Hamburg or Dresden or Hiroshima or Nagasaki? They too paid a terrible price for the decisions of their leaders

      • mzk1_1

        I agree, but Jim would probably think the US overdid it there too. Of course, if the Home Islands had been invaded, the bloodshed would have been incalculable.

    • mzk1_1

      The other cities. The operation is basically being carried out in one area.
      In my case, I do not have an apartment shelter, and the building shelter is unusable part of the year.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Stay safe.

        • mzk1_1

          Thank you. They really can’t reach up here, they have to remove the explosive. (Yet.) But I can’t say the same for the guys called up. I hope you understand what we actually have here. We don’t have a huge standing army. I think the guys killed were active duty, but there are people called away from their daily lives who are down there right now. Some of them has nowhere to sleep for the first day or two. And this is why we can’t deal with a prolonged campaign, aside from the fact that the window of opportunity before the West puts the screws on (in?) is limited.

          Two days ago I said Kaddish for my mother. Yesterday, I heard a father say Kaddish for his son. That is not the order in which it should happen. (Eventually his 5 and 3 year old boys will be old enough to say it.) Was his death really the required price to keep the good will of wishy-washy people like you and I who demand moral perfection of those we support? That doesn’t strike me as particularly moral on our parts.

          • Jim from Iowa

            I’m sorry for your loss and for those of other Israelis. I have a lot of concerns about civilian casualties, but I am not conflicted about the need for the Israeli government to do what it is doing to stop Hamas from endangering the lives of innocent Israelis. But I do hope this operation is over soon.

  • mzk1_1

    Now that we see the tunnels coming into Israel, we are really grateful to Hamas for violating the ceasefire.

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