Just Some Innocent Gun-Carrying Civilians Trying To Crawl Home


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IDF soldiers foiled a major terrorist attack early Monday morning after spotting swarms of Hamas terrorists suddenly emerging from two tunnels between the Gaza Belt communities of Kibbutz Nir Amand Kibbutz Erez.

“Two terror squads were detected infiltrating through two tunnels from the northern Gaza Strip into Israel,” the IDF said. One of the cells was spotted and targeted by the Israel Air Force. Ground forces immediately engaged the second squad, the IDF spokesperson said.

Residents in Erez, Nir Am, Ein Hashlosha and Re’im were warned to stay in their homes as IDF troops opened fire at the terrorists, eventually killing all of them.

Army Radio reported that an unknown number of IDF soldiers were also injured in the firefight, which began at about 6:40 a.m., but IDF spokespersons could not confirm the report.

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