NBC on Gaza Conflict: News Reporting Fail


After seeing this distressing, biased report from Israel on NBC, on the Nightly News:

my friend Dvora sent the following email to the NBC News Division:

As a longtime viewer of NBC News and the Today Show, I am horrified by your imbalanced coverage of the conflict between Israel and Gaza. Your reporting from Gaza never shows Hamas militants, as per the directives of Hamas to foreign journalists. It is understandable that you would want to protect your journalists from the threats that exist against them in Gaza, but it is unethical and unprofessional.

Portraying the Gazan side as innocent civilians, while showing only Israeli soldiers, creates a one-sided view that distorts the reality on the ground. In your reporting, Palestinian assertions are always taken at face value, while the Israeli government only “claims.”

Where is the footage of the multiple teams of terrorists who have attempted to infiltrate into Israel through terror tunnels?

Where is the documentation of their automatic weapons, handcuffs, tranquilizers, and syringes, whose only purpose is to murder and kidnap Israeli citizens?

Why is there no mention of the extensive celebration in Gaza and West Bank Arab settlements every time an Israeli soldier in killed or injured?

Where is the footage of the fireworks and distribution of sweets exulting the rumor that an Israeli soldier was kidnapped?

Why have you failed to discuss the millions of dollars poured into the construction of terror tunnels and weapon storage bunkers under Gaza, built with funds intended to build an economy and help the populace?

Not once have you displayed the footage of Hamas spokesmen that openly demand that Palestinians serve as human shields!

Why is there no coverage of the human toll in Israel?

Are you purposefully reporting with an anti-Israel bias, or are you simply the useful idiots of the radical left and their terrorist darlings?

I could go on further with the failings of NBC News in reporting this conflict, but I will conclude with this:

You have been made the dupes and pawns of perpetrators of terror. By buying into their manipulative and false party line, you aid and abet terror.

For shame.

Now let’s see how NBC responds.

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