Jew Hating Riots Coming Soon To Your City: Paris Edition

The French site, The Local, has a detailed report in English of the Jew hating riots in Paris yesterday. Read it all and tell me this doesn’t sound like Germany in the 1930s.

Shattered glass, a handful of burned out businesses and the presence of dozens of riot police were the clues pointing to the destruction left behind by a mob of pro-Palestinian protesters who turned on the Jewish community in the northern Parisian suburb of Sarcelles on Sunday.

What began as a protest against Israel’s bombing and ground offensive in Gaza quickly turned into a rampage with the so-called “Little Jerusalem” neighborhood in working class Sarcelles as the number one target for rioters. It is one of the centres of France’s Jewish population, which at some 500,000 is the third largest in the world behind Israel and the United States.

Police guarded the burned-out remains of a pharmacy attacked in the riots. Photo: The Local

Police guarded the burned-out remains of a pharmacy attacked in the riots. Photo: The Local

The anger the deaths in Gaza has provoked among the Muslim population in Paris’s suburbs is raging, but in Sarcelles a Muslim man who would give only his name as Jamel said Sunday’s attacks were wrong and were not perpetrated by local Muslims, who the 39-year-old firefighter says get along with the Jewish community.

Whatever the cause and whoever the perpetrators are, the violence is forcing many French Jews, like Daniel Ullmann, to think about packing up and leaving France.

In May The Local reported that figures revealed 2014 could see a record number of Jews in France leaving for Israel. As many as 5,000 could depart by the end of the year. That has not happened since 1948, according to the Jewish Agency for Israel.

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  • Kim

    why on earth do many newssite insist on outting the word “antisemitic” in inverted commas?

    are they not sure whether targeting jewish owened shops and synagogues precisely because those are associated with Jews is antisemtitic?

  • Hard Little Machine

    The French Jewish community is emigrating at a rate of a little over 1%/yr right now. If we look at it pragmatically and assume that at most, at the very best, only half of all French Jews would ever consider emigrating no matter what happened to them in France, then that number is about 2%/yr for a quarter million people. Which sounds like a huge number but it’s one quarter that of the wave of ex Soviets to Israel. So we should consider that moving half the population of French Jews to Israel, Canada, the US and elsewhere isn’t unimaginable. After that, let the place burn to the ground underneath Mohammed’s black flag or French neo Nazis or the Greens or who cares? Then the only thing that should worry us is France’s nuclear ballistic missile submarines. Arab Muslims are notoriously bad at the mundane work of that sort of thing so might all end up at the bottom of the sea pretty quickly.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    400+ French Jews were welcomed in Israel last week. May the number accelerate.

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