Anti-Israel Protester Of The Day

Future Hamas spokesperson?

Kind of looks like Obi Wan Kenobi..had he been hit in the head too many times by a Wampa

I’m just surprised he didn’t call us “despicable.”

From the river to the sea….there’s less water than there is split coming out of his mouth.

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  • NormanF

    In a word, “die Jews, die!”

    At least when they mean its Jews who should be doing the dying, Israel’s enemies are honest.

    Everything else coming from their mouths is pure chutzpah.

  • Travis

    Too many bongs from days long numbered with the past.

  • Eric2446

    (Feel free to repost this)

    It’s shocking that so many people, apparently none of them combatants, have died in today’s attack on a school in Gaza. That said, let us examine the evidence, and see who is likely responsible for the killing.

    The attack was reported on Twitter at about 2pm.

    The picture below was taken after all dead and injured people were evacuated and the area was cleaned up. Hard to imagine that happening earlier than 3-4pm. But it’s very bright in the picture and the shadows are short, so it can’t be too late in the day. So let’s assume the picture was taken around 4pm.

    At 4pm in Gaza, shadows point in the northeast direction (about 45 degrees east of north), based on a sundial calculation.

    Now look at the explosion debris. You can see the point of impact, with dust radiating out in every direction. Notice that the dust trails are longer far from the camera. That’s because the missile hit the ground at an angle. Because the dust trails are longer away from the camera, we know that the missile was fired from the photographer’s direction.

    Comparing the direction of the dust trails to the direction of the shadows (the tall palm tree is easiest to compare to), we see that they are very similar. That means that the missile came from the southwest, and was fired towards the northeast.

    When Gazans shoot rockets toward Israel, they shoot to the northeast. When Israel is invading Gaza, it is most likely that they would come from the north or east, so Israeli missiles would be shot toward the south or west, not to the northeast.

    In addition, Beit Hanoun (where the school is located) is the most northeastern village in the Gaza Strip, and Palestinian-launched rockets have landed there and killed people in the past. So it would not be surprising if this happened again.

    In addition, eyewitnesses report seeing four missiles or shells landing at once. Hamas very commonly launches large missile salvos all at once (to try and confuse the Iron Dome system). But the IDF typically does not.

    Put everything together, and while we can’t be 100% sure, the evidence is very strong that these civilians were killed by a misfired rocket launched by Hamas.

  • walt kovacs

    soon to be seen on rt, aj and presstv

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