Mark Regev Does Well Under Fire

I am not usually overly impressed with Mark Regev, the Spokesperson for Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu. Even though he is a fellow Ozraeli, I have at time felt he was not presenting our case in the best way.

But I have to say, the way he handled this next hostile MSNBC interview is most impressive. He hits all the right points.

Not that they made a difference to Joy-Ann Reid, who was determined to blame Israel, while absolving Hamas from responsibility.

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  • dabney_c

    He’s from Oz?? I could have sworn that was a South African accent!

    • Contrarian

      I thought that as well.

      • CableLegend

        He sounds more Aussie than Lara Logan ( South Africa) IMO.

        I’m US American BTw.

  • Contrarian

    He handled that very well. Didn’t let that extremely hostile and biased (but typical) MSNBC pundit shake him at all. Good for him!

  • CableLegend

    That man should not even give MSNBC daytime hosts (or evening hosts) the time of day, wS the exception of MAYBE andrea Mitchell

    Joy Reid is an absolute joke & an activist, not journo.

  • dabney_c

    Mark Regev and other Israeli spokespeople don’t drum in the point nearly enough that Hamas is just like ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Boko Haram. Because of biased and dishonest media reporting over the years, Hamas has obtained the air of “oppressed resistance fighter” against a much larger “occupying” military power. Americans can relate more to who Al Qaeda is, so this needs to be repeated much more often. Maybe then people will start to get a glimmer of who Israel is really fighting here.

    • Hasdai

      Re the comparison to ISIS, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram, a most accurate name for the tunnels dug by Hamas would be “Beslan tunnels,” since their purpose was a massacre on that order. The tunnels are the most frightening aspect of what the IDF has discovered. It’s lucky this war started when it did, otherwise I shudder to think what might have happened in the Otef Azzah kibbutzim.

  • TigLy

    Well stated Mr. Regev.

  • Vlad Tepes

    First, he’s still awful. Almost all Israeli spokesman, in those 5 minutes the Crescent Media is according them compared with 24/7 daily Hamas propaganda, seems to have their mouth full of prunes. Almost made me write an email to Israeli Government offering my FREE services, even if I’m not Israeli, not a Jew and not even America, as I surely have better command of English, and a fierce discourse, but then I realize the futility of such gesture.

    When I see a small Paleo kid with a white bandage over his neck with a drop of blood, I ask myself: did he had a boil? is the blood of his parent blown out by hamass because they went out of line? did he just made a blood-bath in some innocent victim deemed as a traitor, keeping some tiny flesh parts as a souvenir?

    Oh… he was a victim of tank or artillery shelling, right…. just a tiny tiny scratch on his neck and already on trice on UN victim list, as dead.

    I’m very pessimistic of the outcome of this operation, I wish for once I’ll be wrong. No main command center will be destroyed, and if by a crazy determination they will do it, the rats will either all escape through one of the exits, or be in jail just asking for more kidnappings.

    No point to destroy cement as it can always be rebuild (with Western and Israeli money nevertheless, like in a bad surrealist movie), target the operatives, the clerics, the propagandists.

  • harriet

    Regev and most Israeli spokespersons, sound defensive.

    This reporter, thisignoramus,must be confronted when she speaks of Geneva COnventions because I KNOW she has no deas, that human shields is not a reson to stop Israelfrom confronting and eliminating the enemy, and that ALL civillian deaths caused by arabs using them as human shieldss not Israel’s fault but rather the arabas responsibility.

    She and others like her, should be answered with a tone that recognizes her ignorance and bias…ridicule her questions and her position

    Point out the absurdity of her smug posture

  • Travis

    I thought he did a terrible job and he never challenged her egregious lies.

    • walt kovacs

      i agree. many times it seems regev is unprepared

  • walt kovacs

    rules of war, which regev never cites, are quite clear

    if a school is used as a munitions dump

    if a hospital is used as the headquarters of hamas

    if a private residence is used as a shield for rockets and armed terrorists

    they all cease to be civilian targets and become military targets and the agents using them as such are the ones that have put civilians at risk

  • Eddie

    Show her the Video on how Hamas and Palestine were celebrating on 9/11.
    Can’t believe america already forgot the people who were on their side and who was screaming death to america!!!

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