Photo Of The Day: Dog’s Life

IDF dog on a stretcher being carried in Gaza

Dogs are being used by the IDF for finding tunnels. Unfortunately it’s dangerous work for both the dogs and their handlers. But when one is injured, you can bet he or she is treated with respect and care. Shared by Pierre Rehov with this text:

A Muslim woman, who had fled Iran, once told me “It is better to be a dog in a democracy, than to be poor in a Muslim country”. In Israel, every life is precious. And if one of our dogs is wounded during combat, the army takes a special care of him. This is our army. This is Israel !

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  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s also a 50 or $60,000 investment in training.

  • milk

    It’s a photo from about a month ago and this dog wasn’t used for military purposes.

    • reader

      citation needed

      • milk

        Use Google image search

  • NormanF

    Who says a German Shepherd is not a Jew’s best friend?

    But count on the Israel haters to condemn Israel yes – for even saving a dog!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    In the canine corps, one sniff is worth a thousand words.

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