Articulate Zionist Young Man Of DoomTM

More disproportionate force inflicted on two anti-Israel protesters, at the hands of another of our secret weapons.

Get this kid a political party with Mohammad Zoabi and I’ll sign up.

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30 July 2014 at 9:07pm
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  • Jason

    This kid is awesome. I hope to see him at the next rally in Atlanta, and will shake his hand and thank him for his eloquence.

  • youandme2

    The trouble with this is the pattern with this kind of thing always – he is on the *defensive* – *answering their questions* – which come from the backwards inverted false narrative. The smug lefty questioner, and the sincere Israeli answerer bending over backwards to keep it aligned with logic and rightness. Still extremely wrong.

    The haters should have to answer for their groundless obsession’s emotional bizarrery. Staying in the logical allows that to stay disguised. Can’t you just feel how stripping that away that self-serving BS is what is needed.

    • Alexi

      Insight-fully said. We must NOT be on the defensive. Make them defend the indefensible and watch them fall apart.

    • Eric

      He’s 18. Give him some time to practice his craft. It takes years to get good at debating.

      • walt kovacs

        there is no debate

        if a hospital is used to store weapons or hamas operatives, it is no longer a hospital….it is a legit military target and by every rule of war, you dont even have to give a warning….you can bomb it out of existance

  • udi yogev

    I’d love to dress as a doctor and shoot this stupid demonstrator repeatedly, while calmly explaining to him that there’s nothing he can do and he should just accept his fate.

  • Shira S B

    Holy crap, I’d sign up for that party too. This kid is amazing. I hope his family are extremely proud of him, hell, I am and I don’t even know him.

  • walt kovacs

    i disagree with that young man. as the arabs are filled with mothers like this, jewish life is more precious

  • cba

    “Get this kid a political party with Mohammad Zoabi and I’ll sign up.”

    I’d need to see their platform first :)

    But wouldn’t it be great if we could arrange for them to meet?

  • Corinna

    He did very well but the underlying reason is all to do with antisemitism – During the Ottoman period did the Arabs ask for a Palestinian state – no – why because it was under Muslim rule. They cannot cope with a Jewish state in the middle east – there are over 20 Muslim states – why does one little Jewish state bother them – 1. because we are Jewish and 2. Jewish and showing them up to be the barbarian backward societies that they are. Save your breath arguing about land – it has nothing to do with it – its all to do with the Jews living there.

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