Pallywood Video: You Took The Words Right Out Of His Mouth

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If you’re in the mind to believe Bibi Netanyahu said these words in this order, you’re a lost soul willing to support terrorist who throw their own children into tunnels to die. (Facebook)

Update: somewhat obviously (because it’s Hillary standing in the shoes that are today filled with Kerry’s oversize feet) this is from 2012 and the video was made (very professionally) by a Dutch satire TV show.

The upside to this? Because they have to lie and cheat to make it seem that Jews and Israel want to slaughter civilians, it immediately shows that we don’t! More than that, they’re putting into our mouths the genocidal words of the Hamas leadership that explicitly states it wants to slaughter Israeli civilians.

It’s hard to know what to do with this: it’s being shared and believed. We only post it here as a record that it is a complete fabrication (a brilliant one yes).

Clinton Bibi Pallywood lies video screenshot


Update by Deebo: It’s actually fairly easy to counter this by sharing the original unedited version below, but this doesn’t change the fact that as seen by that Facebook post’s 12,000 shares, lies spread like wildfire.

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