Stop The War Protests In Gaza Stopped

With a bullet. Google translate assisted report from the (usually reliable) Alon Ben David, Senior defence correspondent on Israel’s Chanel 10:

Palestinians went to protest against Hamas and executed.

Not all Palestinians in Gaza support Hamas, but Hamas has an original solution for dealing with these people, to get them executed.

Dozens of Palestinians came out the day before yesterday (Sunday) night from Beit Hanun to complain and protest the destruction caused in Gaza, blamed Hamas for the deterioration of their condition. One of them was shot in the leg while at an UNRWA site, due to an argument over food supply. The event devolved into a mass fight between residents of Beit Hanoun and Jabalya refugee camp and Hamas members, to define them together כ”משתפי with Israel and opened fire at them fatally. Five of them were killed, and dozens were wounded.

There are no Jewish Israeli journalists allowed in Gaza despite many of them having networks and connections going back years. Just that fact alone, which is not reported by the hoards of lethal journalists from abroad, should give anyone pause for though.

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01 August 2014 at 12:08pm
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  • Yacov McYuda

    This is not true! I watch the very reliable BBC and they report that there is no opposition amongst gazanz to ham ass. And I have never seen a single living protester against ham ass. Off course it could be because they are all dead and beheaded.

    • udi yogev

      Of-course they will report that. exactly like how Assad always wins 99 percent of the votes in Syria.

    • SoreHeed

      Incorrect. It depends on what news programme you watch. The BBC has a domestic news service and an international one. I’ve explained in another post that the BBC now outsources some news programmes to outside production companies and they reflect the views of their producers/editors on occasion……the majority of domestic news reports have adopted a neutral approach but some have made conclusions from heavily edited reports from Gaza without a hint of context but most of the time they do mention rockets from civilian areas, rockets falling short and the concrete tunnels. This is now common knowledge in the UK. The international news channel I’m not so sure….maybe that the one you are referring to?

      Also the BBC has also been accused of being Zionist stooges and there has been protests in London and Manchester by ‘peace activists’ and other pro Palestinian groups…..maybe these people need to watch the international channel rather than the domestic channel :)

  • Hard Little Machine

    It must be those Zionist teleportation bullets. CNN says so.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    1. Are there any Israeli reporters embedded with the ground forces inside Gaza?

    2. I don’t know if this could be arranged or will work, but Israel should consider arranging with Egypt to evacuate to temporary camps as many of Gaza’s women, children and elderly as they can reach to drain the Hamas swamp of hostages.

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