Strike In Gaza: A Tale Of Two Tweets


Not long ago, the following two tweets were sent out after what seems to have been an IDF strike on Gaza.

They refer to the same strike, as you can see from the respective photos, which contain the same buildings.

Both tweets are from news correspondents.

One is from Al Jazeera and the other Sky News. Can you guess which is which?

The first tweet by Sky News correspondent Sherine Tadros is devoid of any context. Just a strike near a populated area. And another example of lethal journalism.

The second tweet by Al Jizz’s Nick Schifrin is surprisingly honest in that it contextualizes what happened.

It’s a real indictment on Sky News when you can say Al Jizz had the fairer coverage (hat tip: Judge Dan).

Update: Another sad indictment: look at the number of times each of these tweets has been retweeted and favorited respectively (hat tip: David)

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