UNRWA’s Chris Gunness Breaks Down And Cries

Poor old UNRWA chief Chris Gunness.

His schools have been busted as rocket storage facilities not once, not twice, but three times.

Then it was revealed a UNRWA health clinic was used as a booby-trapped tunnel concealment facility, leading to the deaths of 3 IDF soldiers.

It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

But not old Chris.

He’s not crying about his agency’s collusion with terrorists.

Nor the Israelis killed or otherwise living in constant danger from rockets, the same ones being stored at his agency’s premises.

Nor the 3 young men protecting their people from the terrorists firing these rockets.

Nor is he crying over the fact Gaza’s civilians are being used as human shields.

So Chris, cry me a river.

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  • cba

    That wasn’t the least bit fake…

    • Guy who didn’t go off derech

      There’s a Hamas terrorist furiously dicing onions right out of frame

      • dabney

        Nah, that would mean his eyes would actually be wet.

    • cba

      To clarify: I started out feeling somewhat moved when he teared up, but when he started boo-hooing it just felt totally fake to me.

      • walt kovacs

        those eyes were dry

  • James Cook

    Do you think he may be breaking under the pressure of Hamas intimidation/threats?

    • walt kovacs

      he works for hamas

  • 12

    a typical anti-semetic British, and yes those who are like him are the modern day anti-semities, showing their fake sympathy and doing all they can to belittle and hope to see the Jews killed, I am hoping him and his fake tears can have something to really cry about

  • nahumbenmoshe

    that was good, all he needs are a few headshots and he start a new career

  • Hard Little Machine

    He should spend eternity being raped in hell.

  • AJ Myers

    Rockets stored in UNWRA facilities (empty); Tunnel entrances constructed in UNWRA clinics (vacant). How come so many of their facilities are out of use? About time UNWRA was closed down.

  • Baba Wawa

    Think it’s time to make the closing down of UNWRA a condition for a cease-fire.

  • dabney

    And the Oscar goes to …

    • dabney

      Wait, Pallywood should have its own awards ceremony each year. What should the golden statue be named — the Omar?

    • Alex Kirby

      Shame on you.

      • dabney

        LOL. I guess you bought that cheap performance.

    • walt kovacs

      that performance blew

  • Rebbe Yell

    He’s weeping because his organization and the world have no interest in the ongoing deliberate slaughter of multiple thousands of Muslim children in Syria at the hands of freedom fighting Muslims.

    Oh wait….

  • ruth rosenstock

    omg, this made me laugh uproariously. am I a bad person?

    • walt kovacs

      nope, cuz that performance was laughable

  • dabney

    To Pedro Garcia up in the fb comments: I hope your neighbour shoots at your house day and night for years. I’m sure you’d sit around and do nothing, right? No, wait .. you’d “turn the other cheek” and offer your car to be blown up, and your wife to be raped too. Right? The world would be so much more beautiful if we could all just let the gun-slinging criminals have their way. You’re so morally superior! I’m a better person for having read your post!

  • ron
  • Albert

    The ‘shield’ is not the human bodies surrounding the ‘guilty’ party, the shield is the clemency that mankind instinctively affords the innocent. The shield evaporates only when confronted by an enemy who is not merely a fellow solder locked in a power battle, but a psychopath unconcerned with the pain of others. Such is the case with the Hamas. They are faced with an enemy who is willing to obliterate pregnant women, babies, kids, handicapped people, schools and crowded hospitals in order to smash their target. http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/07/25/gaza-israel-and-human-shields/

    • dabney

      What breathtaking moral clarity. In your twisted worldview, Hamas is the innocent, and Israel is the psychopathic, genocidal terror monger. With this level of brain power, how do you even get through a day?

  • http://shimonafromthepalace.wordpress.com Shimona from the Palace

    Funny, we don’t see his face when he’s supposedly crying. Either they were afraid we’d see how phony he is, or he was really laughing, not crying.
    Either way, UNRWA is complicit in the Hamas war crime of using children as human shields. Does any one really believe they were “surprised” to dicover the rockets hidden in their schools?
    After all, 99% of their employees are local “Palestinians”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Stockholm Syndrome?

    • Alexi

      That, and WORSE. Terrorist Collaborator Syndrome and incessant LYING.

  • unpluggged

    What a hypocrite!

  • AussieDave

    Dear me, another who has no argument so resorts to ad hominem attacks and cursing. Did I mention you are now banned from commenting on this site?

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