When Doves Cry

Isaac Herzog is leader of the opposition Labor party in Israel. He’s part of the Peace movement, and is certainly no hawk.

Which makes his answers on BBC Newsnight important viewing.

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  • harriet

    ‘jew hating wingnut’ is only the beginning
    he is determined to find a gotcha statement..he is desperately looking to have Hertzog screw up and say something to confirm his nasty vile bias

  • James Cook

    Who is this limey prick interviewer? I love the look on his face when Herzog doesn’t give him the answer he wanted. When will the media finally notice that their narrative isn’t being supported at all by the facts?

  • dee

    Actually Isaac did very well, the interviewer, knowing that he was from the left was hoping to get him to concur with the bbc narrative, but Isaac stayed firm, infact his interview was better then some on the “right”.

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