Breaking: Soldier Probably Kidnapped During Ceasefire

It’s hard to fathom the depths of these people.

From IDF Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner:

Update 15:02 (Muqata):

IDF names abducted soldier as Sec.-Lt Hadar Goldin, a 23-year-old Givati officer from Kfar Saba. The family has been notified. 
His name for Tfilot/Tehillim is Hadar ben Chedva Leah. May Hashem protect him and return him safely.

Update 15:19: Two other soldiers were killed during the kidnapping.

Update 15:51: It’s hard to find room for anything but sorrow and anger but this one dark tweet of mine is getting a lot of attention.

Update 16:23: Less than 70 hours after Human Rights Watch Director Ken Roth gives his legal blessing, Hamas takes IDF soldier hostage. Oh, BTW, HRW are often a source for casualty figures.

Is there any truth to this rumour (related to Sheera Frenkel who’s desperate to prove Hamas didn’t order the kidnapping of #EyalGiladNaftali):

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  • CableLegend


  • Norman_In_New_York

    Human Rights Watch is an oxymoron.

    • cba

      Not really. They’re on the watch to make sure nobody thinks Israelis have human rights.

  • CableLegend

    Could anyone who knows help out by describing the outposts or area around where this soldier was kidnapped? Is it similar to what was depicted in the Hamas released video from earlier this week that allegedly showed the surprised attack that killed 5 IDF soldiers? I’m trying to get an understanding of how these small groups of soldiers are finding themselves isolated and vulnerable capture- it’s much easier to understand if they were out on a patrol or searching tunnels than if they were attacked while manning an outpost.

    • udi yogev

      As far as i know it was in the course of checking out a tunnel.

      • CableLegend

        Thank you. That makes the most sense.

  • unpluggged

    What else did they expect when they started the ground operation? Shame on Bibi! No soldier should ever enter Gaza. Our soldiers are for fighting with armies, not with terrorists. We just should have bombed Gaza into stone age. What other country would use ground forces while fighting an enemy with no air force and when there is no goal for capturing land? These yefei-nefesh in the government only bring more tsores on our people. Bibi must go home. Down with the current cabinet!

    • CableLegend

      Surely you’re not serious.

      • unpluggged

        No soldier should be put in unnecessary risk. I’m more serious than ever.

    • juvanya

      Your position is deserving of sympathy, however a point has been made that the tunnels could only be destroyed by ground ops. Indeed, plans were revealed for a mass attack that might have killed hundreds.

      • unpluggged

        Maybe it would be more effective to destroy those who use these tunnels instead of the tunnels themselves.

  • juvanya

    Is capturing a soldier a violation of Geneva? One thing that bothers me about our side is that ever Palestinian fighter is called a terrorist. A fighter who kills soldiers is not a terrorist. A fighter who deliberately kills civilians for political reasons is a terrorist. I still 100% oppose kidnapping our soldiers, but it is a legitimate act of war afaik.

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