Reader Post: Open Letter To The Snake Oil Salesmen Of Outrage


bardem cruzTo Pedro Almodovar, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and others.

  1. You declare outrage over the palestinian genocide perpetrated by the Israeli “occupation” army. Genocide? Know that the Gaza population has grown from about 80,000 in 1948 to more or less 1.7 million in 2013. The population has nearly doubled since 2000. Gaza ranks number 14 in the world in terms of population growth. You “signers from the world of culture” should better understand the concept of genocide, which is to eliminate a whole group or population. By eliminate I mean to reduce its numbers, not have them rise. And since your use of the word genocide is a cynical one, I will use the example of genocide you were expecting: in Europe there were 9.5 million Jews before the war, after the war, about 3.5 million were left. To help you understand better, their numbers were REDUCED by 6 million.
  2. You call the Israeli army occupiers? In Gaza there has not been a single Israeli, civilian or military, for nearly 10 years. You know why? Because the Israelis left Gaza, many times forced to by that “occupying” army, with the hope that giving the palestinians their autonomy could create a prosperous area at peace with Israel. They left behind their greenhouse industry, worth millions of dollars, so it could be exploited by palestinians for their economic benefit. They were right about one thing, they were “exploded”, but with dynamite; completely destroyed. In those times there was no “blockade” the inhabitants could have created a model for a future nation. What happened? Hamas began killing members of Fatah and seized the strip. They were “elected” to control Gaza, and then … rockets started to rain on Israel.
  3. You mention that schools, hospitals and mosques are bombed by the Israeli army. These sites are used by Hamas as launching pads and weapons depots. What should the Israeli army do? Perhaps bomb the sea? The UN (unfriendly to Israel) itself has already condemned twice the finding of weapons in two of its schools. Israel will defend its citizens attacking the places from where the threat is coming.
  4. “The trigger for the violence is the Israeli occupation,” Again I point out that Israel abandoned Gaza totally almost 10 years ago. In addition, there is the small matter of 12,000 rockets towards Israeli civilians during the nearly 10 years. But I understand that you are not interested in facts. Let’s continue …
  5. You say that Israel continues to advance and invade palestinian territories, rather than withdraw to the ’67 borders. I will sound like a broken record, but Israel abandoned Gaza and retreated to ’67 “boundaries”. With the experience that Israel has with Gaza, doesn’t it seem legitimate to be apprehensive to do the same in the area of Judea and Samaria (West Bank)?
  6. You say that the palestinians have their houses demolished, denied water, electricity, the free movement to hospitals, schools, fields. Actually, Israel provides water and electricity to Gaza and at no cost (no payments for almost 10 years). Israeli hospitals serve hundreds of “occupied” palestinians every year, again at no cost (these Jews, how they love money!). Incidentally, Hamas’ leader Ismail Haniyeh himself has twice sent relatives to hospitals in Israel; once his brother-in-law and again his granddaughter. Another detail, Israel built a mobile hospital just over the border from Gaza to assist palestinians. Interesting fact, Hamas has tried to bomb that too.
  7. Finally you say, Israel is the country that most fails to comply with UN resolutions and is the least respectful of human rights, it is an occupying country which practices state terrorism. Hmmm, Israel the country that least respects human rights? It’s a strong accusation but let’s see. The IHRRI (International Human Rights Rank Indicator) is a recognized organization worldwide which ranks 216 countries according to human rights and, Israel being the worst, it should be 216 on the list, right? But something happened, I see it as number 58 on the list. How is it possible that Israel is above Tunisia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and another 146 countries?! Curiously, even Palestine is below Israel with the number 86. By the way, the countries I mentioned by name seem to be countries with Muslim majorities. It appears these governments do not deal well with their own Muslims. FROM ALL THE SLANDER IN YOUR COMUNIQUE, THIS IS THE MOST OPENLY SHAMEFUL! SYRIA HAS KILLED MORE THAN 100,000 PEOPLE IN 3 YEARS! WHERE IS YOUR COMUNIQUE OF OUTRAGE FOR THOSE DEATHS…. WHERE?!

Nowhere you mention Hamas terrorism, nowhere you mention terror tunnels leading to kindergartens in order to kill children, nowhere you mention the rain of rockets on Israeli civilians.

You are simply snake oil salesmen.

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