Russell Brand Continues To Dig

Brand won’t get off his high horse. Emphasis on high.

Yes, you heard correctly. Brand accused Hannity of being mean-spirited and of mispronouncing components of the English language. Projection, much?

But more troubling is Brand’s continued defense of Hamas, even after being made aware of their charter, which does not seem to phase him. Not to mention his denial Hamas is using civilians as human shields, and his characterization of them as resistance fighters.

The problem with people like Brand is not just their moral bankruptcy and refusal to be intellectually honest. It is also their determination to influence others to adopt their reprehensible world views.

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  • Nate

    Terror-apologist Russel Brand should go back to making prank phone calls on radio.

  • cba

    Anyone who pronounces “bigoted” as ‘big-o’-id’ has no right to criticise someone else’s pronunciation. (And, for the record, some of my best friends are Cockney.)

    • AlexC

      He’s a Mockney, his faux working class shtick used to be the thing that annoyed me most about him, the berk

    • Norman_In_New_York

      In another 30 years, Brand will be an alte Cockney..

      • cba

        Hahahaha! I love it…

  • walt kovacs

    through all of this, why has geraldo gotten a pass?

    his rant on “the children…..the children…” was despicable

    for that man was embedded in iraq and never said boo about the tremendous loss of civilian life, while he was cheering on that war….a war that did more to destabilize the entire region than any before it

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