Video Of Brave Israeli Border Police Foiling Terror Attack

Last week, a terror attack was averted by quick thinking and brave Israeli Border Police.

Border Police officers stopped a suspected potential terrorist attack on Sunday, by arresting a man at a West Bank junction they said was carrying an explosive device in his car.

The Border Police said midday on Sunday that the man pulled up to a checkpoint near Betar Illit in the West Bank and almost instantly the officers found something suspicious.

They asked the man, who apparently was wearing a wig, large sunglasses, and acting “in a strange manner” to stop the car, but he refused.

One of the officers then reached inside to grab the keys from the ignition, at which point the man stepped on the gas and started driving off, while the officer was still hanging halfway out the window, according to the Border Police.

The officer, however, managed to pull his gun and cock it, ordering the man to stop, at which point he managed to pull the man out of the car and they rolled to the side of the road.

Now footage from the incident has become available.

An important reminder of the bravery of our soldiers and security personnel.

Not to mention the necessity of checkpoints.


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  • Reb Akiva

    That’s the OUTBOUND (from Israel to the Shomron) lane of that checkpoint! This person was coming from INSIDE Israel! (That’s clear for a few reasons – one, the Army, not the Police, man the inbound lanes. Two, the inbound lanes are lane-controlled with tire slicers – so if he started to drive away, he would be blocked by the press of a button. None of that exists on the outbound lane.)

  • CableLegend

    Quick comment:

    This just started in the past week, but when I visit israellycool from my ipad or iphone I am sometimes automatically directed to the mobile version. When this happens if I click on the “desktop” tab at the bottom of the page nothing happens. When I click “see more” to bring up more than the first 5 stories nothing happens and I am only able to see the first few stories, I cannot scroll down to see more stories.

    Is this just happening to me, or are others having similar issues? I can try to further explain the issues if needed. Thanks.

    • AussieDave

      I think I once had the same issue. We will need to look into it

      • CableLegend

        Thank you. It is happening again right now. I had to search through my disqus profile history to respond to you here b/c I cannot see anything other than the first 5 stories. Here is a screen shot that shows what I see after clicking either the “desktop” tab or the “load more entries” tab:

        I’ve tried clearing all israellycool data from my history, cache & website data but none of it seems to help. Thanks again.

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