And The Award For Worst Use Of The “Some Of My Best Friends Are Jewish” Defense Goes To..

Hamadan when he's not on TV wearing a suit
Hamadan when he’s not on TV wearing a suit

Hamashole Osama Hamdan (hat tip: CableLegend).

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan on Monday defended a video interview of him repeating the “blood libel” slur — that Jews killed Christians and baked their blood into matzah — by saying that he had no problem with Jews as a people and even had Jewish friends.

“You cut the words — not you, the Israelis. They cut the facts and start this propaganda to say they are innocent,” Hamdan, videoing in from Qatar, said to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “I have Jewish friends supporting the Palestinian cause.”

Notice how he asks the Jewish Wolf Blitzer not to “cut him.” And it’s not even Passover.

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