Geraldo Rivera: Video – With Friends Like This

Suffering from lack of caffeine today?

Tisha B’Av mid-afternoon fasting slump?

This interview with Geraldo Riveria should get your blood pressure back up quickly without IV or drugs.

Still wondering what Geraldo took to get ready for this one,

he may have 40 years experience in field, but these ladies are not letting him off easily.

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I lived in the United States, Canada and Australia before moving to Israel in the midst of the Second Lebanon War. For the last seven years, walking the streets of Jerusalem, the scenes I saw every day did not resemble the ones familiar in the Western media. Now I try to share those positive images with the world, what is really happening in Jerusalem, Israel, The Real Jerusalem Streets

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  • Travis

    He was a jerk back in early 2002 with his “I am a Zionist and a Palestinianist” crap.

  • Travis

    Geraldo Rivera (aka Gerry Rivers) looks like the late 1970’s porn star “Harry Reems”.

  • Gee

    He is talking out of his rear end. Tanks are some of the most accurate weapon systems in the world. They can hit a 3 inch target at 3,000 meters. So to say that Israeli units should wait 15 minutes for a helicopter with a missile that is no where near as accurate while being fired upon or immediately return fire with a tank round.

    The tank round wins every time.

    His claim to be a Zionist is also a bunch of garbage – he is a supporter of terrorists and Jews do not wear tattoos and unless forced to do so

  • Jerry Rivera jr.

    It amazes me that jerks like Jerry think Hamas rockets are OK. The reason Israelis are not dying in the hundreds are the shelters. Iron dome causes a tremendous amount of shrapnel. People like Jerry think the missile is blown up, no more danger. Israelis can’t live their lives in shelters. If anything Israel has kept civilian casualties to a minimum. They have restrained themselves or there would be tens or hundreds of thousands of Arab casualties.

  • CableLegend

    Most of them women and children? Didn’t the latest analysis show a majority (most- close to 70%) were military aged males?

  • Inessa

    Most of those shot on camera were women and children. There. Fixed it for him.

  • Jim from Iowa

    But he’s got a Star of David tatooed on his hand….

  • walt kovacs

    so jerry covered nam?

    not according to his bio

    and not according to my recollection

    jerry was a local reporter in ny and his first big break came when he covered the treatment of down syndrome and other disabled adults and children in ny state mental hospitals

    maybe he covered wars on the local news…but i can find no evidence of this

    the first war jerry had direct contact with was iraq

    and like every other reporter in america at the time….he was a cheerleader

    he was so bad at his job that he ended up broadcasting troop movements…

    can anyone find the one report or commentary by jerry that notes the amount of civilian casualties in iraq? or that demanded that america stop fighting in iraq as the result of civilian casualties? any reports about how inaccurate american tanks are?

    can anyone confirm the reports that israel requested and was given (sold) resupply?

    i have heard this stated on a couple of occasions and for the life of me, i cant believe that israel had less than a months worth of armaments on hand

    would be nice if fox had carolyn glick on to debate jerry (btw, he was born gerald rivera….his dad is a catholic puerto rican…his mother is jewish) i think he needs some education on the conflict

    would also be nice if some rabbi sat down with jerry and explained to him why he should not be so proud of his tattoos

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I should point out that Sean Hannity is now in Israel reporting for Fox News. Yesterday, IDF soldiers showed him the remnants of the terror tunnels, while another officer and a retired general explained the workings of Iron Dome. Tonight, he interviews Bibi.

  • James Cook

    Why has no one in the media questioned the lack of Palestinian bomb shelters? Why doesn’t the UN provide any? Hitler protected his civilians – why won’t Hamas? Or the UN? If someone in the media does eventually ask this question, I will bet a $20 donation to Israelly Cool that it will be Al Jizz. Everyone keeps saying that “Israelis can’t live their lives in a bomb shelter”, but I never hear “Palestinian” and “bomb shelter” in the same sentence. If the noble resistance fighters had been thinking ahead, they could have stuffed a tunnel full of “civilians” just before the israelis blew it up and claimed they were not tunnels, really, but actually long, thin bomb shelters. Too late now. Shit! I probably just gave them an idea for next time.

  • Ronwalk

    He just continues to show what an idiot he is. Not sure why he continues on network news.

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