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Once in a while, you get one of these annoying posts soliciting donations.

Usually, it will consist of me telling you why we are so great, and what we have achieved.

This post is different. After all, if you are a regular reader or someone who appreciates our work, then I assume you know why, and don’t need me to list the reasons.

You may have noticed that the site has been down, or inaccessible, for periods of time. That is because it has grown so much in terms of traffic in the last 6-8 months, that it has put a strain on our hosting provider and his ability to provide for us and his other customers. In fact, our provider said that Israellycool seemed to burst to the point where it would take almost all the resources!

Consequently, I have been forced to move to a new web hosting plan that costs 10 times the amount, since he had to migrate the server to a 4 core machine (instead of sharing an 8 core machine with 80 other customers).

Now that we have a private server, the site works better (as do the sites of all the provider’s customers!)

I am telling you all of this to let you know why I am asking for donations at this point in time. I do not feel comfortable doing so, especially while we are in this intensive war, and I certainly do not want to be perceived as somehow “milking” the conflict. But the expenses associated with the site have gone up so dramatically, that I feel I have no other choice if I want to continue the site and help it grow even further.

If you appreciate Israellycool and what we do, please donate using one of the Paypal options below.

All donations above $200 will entitle the donor to have, for a year, a banner on a Sponsors page I will be adding to the site (You could use this to advertise your business, if that is your preference).


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Thanks to all donors so far:

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About Aussie Dave

An Aussie immigrant to Israel, Aussie Dave is founder and managing editor of Israellycool, one of the world's most popular pro-Israel blogs (and the one you are currently reading) He is a happy family man, and a lover of steak, Australian sports and girlie drinks

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  • LJ Spivak

    Done. It’s a rotten time to ask for donations because there are so many appeals out there, but if there were ever a time to support honest reporting from the good guys, this is it.

    • AussieDave

      Thank you so much. And agreed about the timing :(

  • cba

    Happy to do it. I’m only sorry I can’t make it more.

    • AussieDave

      No need to apologize. I appreciate your support!

      • cba

        Israellycool (and EoZ) are two of my indispensable sources for getting the truth out.

  • The Bobcat

    Can you guys help support Israellycool and humanity by editing wikipedia’s article on Norman Finklestein? It calls him a “good scholar” while failing to mention his many scholastic frauds, and only barely mentions the accusation of antisemitism. http :// www .paulbogdanor. com/antisemitism /finkelstein/ interview1. html He’s a paranoid terrorist supporting jew hater. Another article that is extremely biased is the article on Palestinians, which says they are related to Canaanites and seems to be hounded by a few virulantly anti-israel editors. Please help reality and take back wikipedia.

    • juvanya

      Its an uphill battle, and not worth it. iirc, all it says is that they claim descent. Genetics only proves they have long term links to the general region, as it proves most Jews. The fact that there were only 300,000 people there in 1850 casts doubt on the long term survival of the Canaanites.

  • Liebo

    Dave – One of your US followers here: I tried to make a credit card donation, but cannot complete it – I keep getting an error message to fill in “state”, but there is no line or box for state – just city and zipcode. Any suggestions?

    • AussieDave

      No idea. But others have managed to do it successfully. Did you definitely fill in all the fields?

  • juvanya

    Ill drop a dime off my next paycheck in a week. Your site has been invaluable to me for the past few years and I wouldnt have been able to stay with mzk in Haifa without it!

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  • Mic Laz

    No paypal option? I’m donating anyway, but prefer paypal :)

    • AussieDave

      It is Paypal

      • Mic Laz

        Yes I realized once I clicked :p please disregard my asinine comment…

        • AussieDave

          lol it was not asinine

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