Wheels Should Come Off The Tricycle Theatre

In more news from London which is now feeling like 1930’s Berlin, a well known theatre is refusing to host a Jewish Film Festival. It’s not an Israeli Film Festival, it’s a Jewish one. The “problem” is a small culture grant from the Israeli Embassy in London.

A major London theatre has refused to host the UK Jewish Film Festival because it is sponsored by the Israeli embassy.

The Tricycle Theatre was scheduled to be the main venue for the UKJFF in November, with 26 films due to be screened there as well six gala events.

But in a statement issued on Tuesday, UKJFF executive director Judy Ironside said: “The Tricycle told us that they cannot be associated with a festival which in turn is associated with the UK’s Israel embassy”.

We don’t like Jew hating theatres. Perhaps you might want to join my friend Tal Ofer who has compiled a list of the major donors to this Jew hating theatre. As usual for most major cultural endeavours around the world, there are many Jews and Jewish organisations on the list including Michael Bloomberg.

I can’t see that they receive any money from the Hamas cultural attache in London though I understand his budget has been a paltry £0 for the last few years on account of all money being needed for buying rockets and building tunnels.

Here is a link to the document on Google Drive. Give them a call or write them a letter to let them know how you feel about discrimination against Jews in London in 2014 with their money.

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[…] London theatre has refused to host the UK Jewish Film Festival ...
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  • SoreHeed

    The story is in the Guardian with quotes from a few people claiming antisemetism, most notably from Maureen Lippmann (a prominent Jewish actress).

    If the pressure is put upon the people who fund this group I’m sure this decision could well be reversed.

    It’s not quite the 30’s yet Brian……..any Brits on here should start calling the numbers on that list and send some emails off.

  • Mike

    As a Londoner, I’d have to say that linking the closure of a film festival at a cinema that’s so small I’ve never even heard of it, with the rise of Nazi Germany is somewhat over the top.

    Of course, if you also believe that killing thousands of Palestinians and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless is a reasonable response to half a dozen Israeli deaths, then maybe your sense of perspective is a little off.

    You might consider that what drives the pro Palestinian / anti Israeil sentiment that’s growing by the day over here, is that we don’t like mass murder and ethnic cleansing. Ironically, it’s exactly the same reason we went to war against Germany.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Please tell us in your own words what Israel should do in response to the incessant rocket attacks. Surely you could enlighten us benighted folks.

      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        No, no — Israelis have the obligation to be slaughtered rather than disturb the world’s tender sensitivities — which cannot stomach deaths in self-defense at the hand of Jews obeying the laws of war, but seem never to be disturbed when Jews are murdered by butchers who ignore those laws, or when non-Jews butcher Palestinians in numbers that dwarf in weeks the number of Arabs killed in all the conflicts with Israel since it became a state.

    • http://www.israellycool.com/ Brian of London

      Hamas TRIED to murder all Jews in Israel and desire to. That they fail is not a reason to leave them alone.

    • Vlad Tepes

      “You might consider that what drives the pro Palestinian / anti Israeil sentiment that’s growing by the day over here, is that we don’t like mass murder and ethnic cleansing. ”

      “You” barely went to war with Germany on your own will, nation wise, it was Hitler forcing you in a corner.

      Spending a year or so in London and suburbs, I might say that your IQ is in the lowest 2 digits. What drive the pro Fakestinian sentiment is the exponential increase of muslims in the UK and the rabid extreme left.. Otherwise, you would be on the streets protesting when muslims are carrying “behead those who insult islam” signs in the center of London. Or when they actually behead someone on the street – the reaction was very telling, some were filming the scene and some lady try to reason with the murderers.

      The sizable and very vocal extreme left of UK will have a very nasty surprise in a few years, unless of course you’ll run away in some nice southern countries where you will continue to spread your malignant views.

      And you DO like mass murder, you dream every day of it, is just not happening to the race/religion you want to. Sadly, in my view, it does not happen to Fakestinians either, to the degree they fully deserve. Pallywood and their MSM friends are taking care to inflate casualties 100 times, while in fact they multiply like rats due to polygamy. Some ethnic cleansing…

      And just in case you’re really a Mike and not a sad Ahmed under disguise, here, have a glimpse of UK future:


      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        “What drive the pro Fakestinian sentiment is the exponential increase of muslims in the UK and the rabid extreme left.. ”
        And Britain’s millenium-old legacy of Jew-hating, which pre-dates the Muslim influx, and was going strong even when Britain was fighting Muslims in the Crusades.
        Google York Massacre 1190 and then read about the reaction of Richard the Lionhearted. Then you will know why I am the only guy in the movie theater booing whenever Richard I comes on screen.

    • A F

      Interesting that you say that linking it with the rise of Nazi Germany is “over the top” when later you accuse Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and then say its “exactly the same reason we went to war against Germany”. Translation into plain English: You are linking Israel’s actions in Gaza (or rather your false portrayals of it) with Nazi Germany. Now, THAT’s over the top.

      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        And according to EU working definition, falsely comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is anti-semitic per se.

    • udi yogev

      Well done. You won the idiot of the day award with your completely one-sided, non-factual, brain-dead description of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Of course, if you believe that launching thousands of missiles into Israel and diverting millions of dollars in international aid to building terror tunnels for committing mass murder and kidnappings requires Israel to sit on its hands until more Jews are killed, or that Israel is inhumane for causing civilian casualties at a ratio of about 1/3 of those caused by the US and the UK, while defending itself against inhumane killers who use their own children and neighbors as human shields and while doing everything that international law requires (and then some) to protect civilians, then maybe your sense of perspective is a little off.

      But in any case, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Mike

        One last try.

        As of today it’s something like 2000 Palestinians dead, compared to a dozen Israelis.

        That’s not defending your families and it’s not proportionate. It doesn’t matter who started it, or whose fault it is. It’s murder.

        Nothing justifies this – even the UN is saying so – and that’s why people across the globe are turning away from you, including a cinema owner in London.

        Believe me, I have nothing but sympathy for what has happened to the Jewish people in the past. My daughter is 5 – she doesn’t know much about history, but I made damn sure she knows about the Holocaust. But that is the past, and doesn’t justify what you are doing right now. Please try to understand that before its too late.

        • ahad_ha_amoratsim

          Mike, what would be proportionate to Hamas indiscriminately firing thousands of missiles at Israel’s civiian areas (over 2,800 just in July), and sending infiltrators thru tunnels with the goal of murdering and kidanpping hundreds of Israelis, including planting bombs under Israeli kindergartens? Should Israel fire 2,800 random rockets at Gaza apartment buildings, and send infiltrators to kidnap and murder random Gazans?

          And nearly one in three rockets fired by Hamas, as well as some of their mortar shells, fall short and land in Gaza. Your death tolls blame Israel for people killed by those Hamas rockets and shells.

          Israel believes (as do most of the commenters on this thread, including me) that every civilian death is a tragedy. Israel’s ratio of civilians killed to terrorists killed is about 1:1. Every civilian death is too many, but in recent conflicts by the US or the UK, the ratio has been more than 3 civilians to every enemy soldier. A rate of 3:1 or even more is obviously not disproportionate, then, unless it is Jews who are inflicting the casualties.

          Israel has been going to extraordinary lengths to hold civilian casualties down, and could do even better but for civilians ignoring Israel’s attack warnings (warnings that endanger Israel’s own forces, and that are not required by the laws of war), Hamas forcing civilians to remain despite Israel’s warnings, Hamas storing rockets and other arms in hospitals, schools and apartments, refusal of Hamas to wear uniforms and obey the laws of war, Hamas refusing to let civilians into the bomb shelters reseved for its own terrorists, and Hamas launching mortars and rockets from civilian areas. All this is part of Hamas’ stratgey to endanger civilians. This is a win-win for Hamas — it wins if Israel refrains from military action, and it wins if despite the IDF’s best efforts, civilians are killed. http://nypost.com/2014/08/05/hamas-manual-details-civilian-death-plan-israel/

          The UN is condemning Israel? The UN condemns Israel more often than many of the delegates wash their hands or change their underwear. Their condemnation of Israel is usually long on ideology and short on facts. In 1975, they condemned Israel for merely existing. Last weel UN Human Rights Panjundrum Navi Pillay yemach shemah condemned Israel for not sharing its missile defense (which also has offense capability) with Hamas. The world’s most creative satirist couldn’t have matched that one.

          Your response: “I don’t care; civilians are dying, so Israel has to stop defending its citizens unless it can do so without civilians being injured, regardless of who started it, regardless that Hamas can stop the deaths any time it chooses, regardless of millions of Israelis being terrorised and being confined to bomb shelters, and even regardless of whether Hamas is doing the killing, as when its own rockets fall short.” You pride yourself on your superior morality, but your position is immoral and does exactly what Hamas wants. Your position encourages Hamas to make even more use of human shields, encourages other terrorist groups to emulate them, and requires Israel to submit to genocide rather than disturb your tender sensibilities by waging war in a manner that UK Colonel Richard Kemp calls exemplary for taking more pains, and greater risk, than international law requires to safeguard innocent civilians.

          If that’s not good enough for you, too bad, because it means the fault is with you and not with Israel.

        • ahad_ha_amoratsim

          You have nothing but sympathy for what has happened to the Jewish people in the past, as proved by your teaching your daughter about the Holocaust? Big deal. All you are showing me is that you have nothing against dead Jews. The world loves dead Jews; live ones, not so much.

          Are you teaching her about the UK’s role in helping make sure that Jews could not flee the Germans (and the French, Poles, Lithuanians, Dutch, Ukrainians and other Eurpoeans) bent on exteriminating them, or are you teaching her that the only problem was the Nazis and that Israel is acting like them?

          Try teaching her the truth about what is happening to the Jewish people in the present, and having some sympathy for that. A few hundred thousand Jews could have been saved if Brits in the 1930s and 1940s had not taken exactly the same attitude toward live Jews as you are taking now.

        • Travis

          Good thing that a fool and moral relativist such as your self was not in charge of Britain’s war effort during World War II. The coming Islamization of the U.K. is one that you all have so solidly (and sadly) earned.

        • Mr. Idaho

          I saw a stone on the grounds of St. Paul’s Cathedral inscribed with a boast that Britain hadn’t been defeated in a thousand years. That’s over.

        • udi yogev

          Then you should turn from Britain too. For example, as a member of NATO, you participated in the bombing of Belgrade in the 90s, an attack which killed 2000 civilians. Shall I remind you that London wasn’t under attack by Yugoslavian rockets at the time?

          In fact, if you weren’t so obviously naive/ignorant to an unbelievable degree, you’d know that any army forced to fight inside population centers kills many civilians, in most cases much more so than the Israeli army. You Europeans are so protected (hundreds of millions gave their lives to ensure that) that most of you have just forgotten what war is and what it requires – but don’t worry, i’m sure this will come back to bite you in the ass, and then you will lose all of your childish pretense of moral superiority.

          Hamas could have fought Israel without the protection of their civilians. For example, just one out of many, in WW2, a Japanese general instructed the commander of manila, the capital, to retreat from the city when the allied forces came near, in order to avoid terrible civilian casualties, This commander refused, but the allies had to attack anyway. In the battle to liberate manila, 100,000 Filipinos were killed. One of the conclusions you should draw from this story: The Japanese commander of the Philippines cared more about his Filipino subjects than Hamas care about their own people.

          In summary, your claim that one should stop defending oneself because civilians on the other side are dying is ridiculous. You are in effect telling every terrorist in the world that as long as they have civilian hostages, willing or otherwise, they can do whatever they like.

  • Travis

    There has been a f eel of 1938 in Britain in general and London in particular for several years now.

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