People Finally Noticing The Neighborhood Bully Analogy


Facebook, 2014:

Israellycool, March 2011:

Meet Casey Heynes, fellow Aussie and latest viral video star.

First reaction – well done Casey!

Second reaction – gee, it seems like a familar situation.

I think you can see where I’m going with this..

I see Casey as representing Israel, and the bully as our Arab and Muslim neighbors. Time after time, they have started wars with us. But we have fought back well, and been able to repel them.

Of course, the analogy would be better if:

  • The bully was way bigger than Casey (although the mainstream media does make Israel out to be the strong, powerful one, despite the fact we are way outnumbered and out-armed when compared to our neighbors)
  • There were many bullies attacking Casey, and not just the one
  • The bully claimed that Casey started it by stealing his lunch/house
  • The footage began only from the time Casey slammed the bully
  • Only Casey was suspended from school for using “disproportionate force,” and not the bully

We are ahead of our time!

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