The Propaganda War Comes Home


linda fbA wise Aussie Dave once said, “Wow, you know you are doing good when they need to resort to this kind of thing.”

In that case, I must be doing something very good. Because much to my surprise, and with the help of my mom, I came across a fake Facebook account in my name but with the subtitle “The Sellout”

Someone is using my name and my picture in an attempt to discredit and humiliate me with regards to what I am writing about Israel and Gaza. Because I have been writing from my own perspective and my own experiences, I am accused of being narcissistic. Well, if I can’t write from my own point of view, from whose shall I write? Unlike the fine “peace activists” who are attempting to harm me, I have no desire to take over anyone’s persona and use it as my own. I have my own story to tell and I am always clear about that.

Apparently these wonderful “peace activists” have never heard of anyone having a life-changing experience that causes them to reevaluate their beliefs. Apparently, they prefer to be stuck in a rut and call it enlightenment.

It would be one thing if they at least kept to the truth, but instead, they exaggerate and outright lie in an effort to make me look bad. I wonder where they got that idea.

As I observe the statistics that are being released about this latest war between Israel and Hamas, I am seeing striking similarities between Hamas and their fervent supporters, namely this group of “peace activists”

For one thing, their abject lack of intelligence is almost alarming. They think they are informed with regards to the details of my life when they most definitely are not. They pretend to have some morals by stating, on the page, that certain aspects of my life are off limits, namely my role as a mother and my children. How kind of them.

They say that they don’t know the details of why my Palestinian spouse and I split up, although they have obviously talked to him because they are repeating the details of his narrative, which is also a lie.

They claim to have started the profile because of concern for what I am writing regarding Israel and Gaza, although not one of them has actually talked to me – although one snake, a fellow Canadian, did message me briefly and asked me simply if it was true that I had changed my views. I explained to her, also briefly, that I had taken the time to get to know more and had found that things were not as I had previously believed them to be.

Now I see that she is a contributor to this page.

I must admit, I am very disappointed because they refer to financial rewards, including paid trips to Israel but I have seen none of it. If anyone knows where my money is being kept, please tell me. Plane tickets are expensive and if I had known that this was a benefit of speaking the truth about Israel, I would have signed up before shelling out so much of my own money.

Another complaint of theirs is that I was among a small, select group of people out of the very large group assembled in Cairo who actually got to enter Gaza during the Gaza freedom March. I wish someone had told me! I sat in Cairo the whole time planning the next leg of my journey. I didn’t see Gaza until my next trip in August 2010, again at my own expense. In fact, I arrived in Cairo earlier than my team so I could get all of our paperwork translated and in order so that when the others arrived, it would be as smooth a process as possible for us to proceed.

It’s amazing to me that these so called peace activists have now made it their mission to destroy me. They think they are also privy to my current personal relationships because of a bit I wrote for my stand up comedy act. This is hilarious. Do they honestly think that comedians tell jokes using only absolute facts or do they realize that comedians use a lot of “poetic license” when it comes to story telling? But I guess they wouldn’t know about writing comedy…they’d need a sense of humor to get that.

Those people can’t seem to understand that someone like me would embark on a journey of enlightenment and understanding, at my own expense, and keep going when things aren’t adding up. I have always written from the understanding I had at the time. My understanding has been deepening and broadening. And I’m not finished yet.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that many so called peace activists are simply antisemitic, Israel-hating wolves in poorly fitted sheep’s clothing.

Yes, I was naive. I will be the first to admit it. I trusted people where I should have been more cynical. I am a trusting, compassionate person by nature. I don’t want to lose that. But I am learning to be a lot more careful about who I trust.

Why am I writing all this here? Who cares, right? Well, these wonderful peace loving people have also made it clear that they keep an eye on Israellycool for more blog posts that they can try to use against me. Keep up the good work, Aussie Dave and gang. You’re obviously doing something good too.

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A Canadian girl with a decidedly unCanadian experience, Linda is a seeker of truth and enlightenment. Formerly married to a Palestinian journalist from Gaza, she lived there and told their story well… until she visited Israel and confirmed her suspicion that she had been exposed to way too much propaganda. As Linda continues to seek truth and enlightenment, she now tells a very different story….one that shows Israel for who she really is – a place of warmth and hospitality….and freedom.

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