Aussie Antisemite Brendon O’Connell Showcases Antisemitism At “Anti-Israel” Rally

As I previously posted, Aussie antisemite Brendon O’Connell was released from jail and wasted little time propagating vile antisemitism.

Here he is at a the recent rally protesting “Israel’s military offensive in Gaza.” You may notice a theme.

I am actually glad O’Connell is showing the world the kind of antisemitism present within these so-called “pro palestinian” movements.

Keep it up, Brendon (I bet you heard that a lot in prison).

Sorry, old habits die hard.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    56 minutes of Brendon O’Connell and his anti-Semitism?!!? This is disproportionate and an undue burden on your readership, Dave. Oh, the humanity! (I lasted a minute and 42 seconds of his antics.)

    • The Bobcat

      I lasted 22 seconds. Your attention span is clearly better.

  • Rebbe Yell

    The dumb sh!t doesn’t even even realize is doing EXACTLY what we want him to do.

    Thanks again for being a continuing pawn of the Jews, Brendon

  • walt kovacs

    the jew hating prick is too late….we already won

  • walt kovacs

    here is an interesting debate between slappsie maxie (who seems to be sporting a 3 weeks beard) and morton klein of the zoa

    you dont have to watch the debate….read the comments that poke fun at mr klein’s tourettes

    • Jim from Iowa

      Russia Today provides such great moderators, don’t they? The cold war is over. What’s with all the hostility toward the Israeli position in this conflict by the Russians today?

  • 12

    I never heard of this Brendon O’Connell, and based on how many views his youtube videos have I can assure I am not the only one, so I am not sure why you are giving him publicity since it seems he is an “insignificant”

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