Children of Sderot Safe in 15 Seconds


Child safety has always been a priority for my kids, and one would think, for all children.

Much has been written and reported on children dying and being injured in Gaza this past month.

There have been endless media reports during Operation Protective Edge on suffering Gazans. Last night a photo was tweeted by a doctor from Gaza who supposedly cares for and about children.

In Israel Under Fire: 15 Seconds we shared a little of the story of those living in Israel near the Gaza border.

15 seconds to get to safety, for the last ten years!

Now on his visit to southern Israel, Sean Hannity has seen and heard for himself, reporting from the Israeli side of the firing line.

Remember this playground is covered, but it is not a bomb shelter, and even inside these children have to run to safety…

For those of you with young children still in car seats, how long does it take you to get in and out of the car?

More than 15 seconds?

Which one of your children do you choose to take to safety in 15 seconds?

Move from Sderot? Israeli cities Ashkelon and Ashdod and Tel Aviv are likewise under fire from Hamas.

Are there not enough deaths of Israeli children to make news? There is a good reason.

Israelis try to protect their children from injury. Losing a long summer holiday staying inside for safety is not fun. But who really knows the harm done by endless years of being under rocket attack,

in under 15 seconds?

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