Electronic Intifada, The Onion Called And It Wants Its Story Back

The following absurdity is brought to you by Ali “A-bomb-a-nation” Abunimah’s Electronic Intifada.

Cry me a river to the sea.

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  • JF


    The one that went off yesterday – while an attempt was being made to defuse it – was certainly diffused over a larger area than was desired.

  • http://israelitkan.ning.com/ Gaia


  • http://israelitkan.ning.com/ Gaia

    Is always Israeli fault…

  • http://www.pi-news.net/ steven

    But they have fat stomachs it looks like they have money for cake and chocolate

  • harriet

    how can you read that crap? nauseating site

  • Andrew

    Now were they really a bomb squad or were they trying to salvage the explosives from the munition for their own use, like those poor kids did with the white phosphorus shells during Cast Lead.

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