Anti-Israel Moron Of The Day: Carey Elizabeth Wedler

Is this, like, totally, not bodacious woman whose use of a teleprompter still can’t make her sound articulate.

See if you can count the lies.

Her name is Carey Elizabeth Wedler, and she apparently had a viral video hit earlier this year slamming Obama for, among other things, being hard on terrorists.

Frontpage Magazine has more.

Carey Elizabeth Wedler is Adam Kokesh’s girlfriend. Kokesh is a radical anti-war activist who worked with Code Pink and He briefly had a TV show on Putin’s RT propaganda network.

Wedler has been pulling the “I’m no longer an Obama fan” routine for a while now over the usuals for the Ron Paul crowd, mainly drone strikes on Al Qaeda terrorists.

Like Kokesh and the rest of that crowd, Wedler is a sick twisted individual filled with hate for her own country. You can see a sample of that in her post after the Boston Marathon bombings: “The Victims of American Terrorism”.

What if the reporters of the corporate media spent their hours detailing the lives and interests of children bombed in Pakistan orAfghanistan? Children who loved sports, playing outside (when there seems to be no risk of a drone attack), and their parents…

It would be a shock, if instead of making excuses for the soldiers who lose their minds to PTSD and the general horrors of enforcing occupation, the media recognized the humanity of the civilians they violently murder…

The sad deaths of “all-Americans” and perfect daughters evoke particular sympathy and compassion among American nationalists. However, the same journalistic focus, when applied to horrific US foreign policy, might mobilize public opinion to put a stop to the much bigger, more systemic plague of innocent death at the hands of the US military…

She also has a Facebook page touting herself as a Public Figure.

The unfortunate truth is anyone with a video camera who rambles against Israel and the Jews can get a following.

Update: I knew she sounded like someone.

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  • cba

    After about 3 minutes I couldn’t take any more of the idiocy and straw men and annoying voice.

    • dabney

      You got 3 minutes further than me. I can’t stomach even clicking on hate-filled trash like this.

  • steven

    Kokesh another self hating Jew along with his dumb girlfriend

  • E ben Abuya

    Carey Elizabetrh my have exposed her self to some serious copyright infringement charges.

    • cba


  • Michael Sedley

    What’s funny is that she asks legitimate questions (e.g., why did Israel Bomb a UN School), which have legitimate answers (The school was hit by a Hamas missile, it was not bombed by Israel), but instead of finding an answer to her own questions, she claims that an Israel activist would try to shut down the conversation by shouting “self-Hating Jew”. If she really hasn’t found legitimate responses to any of her own questions, someone should teach her how to use Google or read a newspaper.

    • unpluggged

      To be a self-hating Jew, one must be a Jew. She isn’t a Jew, and she isn’t self-hating. On the contrary, she is incredibly narcissist.

  • Chernabog

    God this woman’s annoying. She asks questions but chooses to avoid giving the correct response. The irony of her video, an irony which pervades a lot of the leftist mentality, is that she demonizes Israel throughout the video whilst simultaneously claiming to be an advocate for peace. Failing to rebuke pro-Israeli arguments, she resorts to creating a fictional stereotype that can’t possibly stand up to her claims. I have NEVER heard an Israeli say that “all Palestinians hate Jews” and while I don’t doubt such views exist, it is wildly inaccurate to suggest that this is the common view of most Israelis. Someone really needs to post a video in response to her.

    • unpluggged

      I’m an Israeli and I’m sying that all “Palestinians” hate Jews. In fact, every nation hates Jews.

  • dcomplex

    I’d hit it…

    Then quit it.

    Before you judge me, I think putting it in her mouth would be doing a service to the Jewish community, as it would prevent her from talking.

    • walt kovacs

      no you wouldnt

      because she would open her mouth and you would never get it up

  • walt kovacs

    turn off the sound and play this ,,,,it works

    i miss frank

  • walt kovacs

    at least she is dating a jewish guy

    • fuckisrael

      actually she is dating a Persian Atheist guy

  • David Zion

    Israelis in Sderot have a 15 second warning not 5 minutes. I talked to a cousin in the hospital further out. They had 45 seconds but since he was bed ridden, he would be left in place.

    I wonder if 5 minutes to a specific family causes less psychological pain then 15 seconds to an entire city.

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