A New “Shirley Temper” Emerges (Updated)

Watch out Shirley Temper! There is a new girl on the scene, trying to provoke the IDF and make a scene in front of waiting cameras (hat tip: Josh H).

But like in the case of Shirley, the soldiers do not get taken in by her little act.

But not to worry, little one. Maybe you’ll still win an award from Turkey.

Update: I think this girl is actually Shirley Temper’s sister. At one point in the video, you can see someone who looks like Shirley’s mother.

I believe this is the same girl.

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  • cba

    Aww, what a little moppet!

  • http://israelitkan.ning.com/ Gaia

    Really sad, poor girl.

    • unpluggged

      Yes. Where else on Earth one can see so much hatred in children?

      And they do have good English teachers over there. I personally don’t speak English that well, although I’m much older.

  • cba

    By the way, did you notice how she reacted when the officer finally spoke? She was not so brave then. Even though at that point he just wanted to make sure her mother was around. (I didn’t catch the end of what he said, and I didn’t understand the Arabic at all.)

    • unpluggged

      In Hebrew he said that there was no problem, as her mother was nearby.

      • cba

        I got that bit (זאת האמא שלה? אז אין בעיה). Then he spoke in Arabic (which I didn’t understand), and then he said something I didn’t catch at all, and then
        ברגע שהיא שולחת אותה

        I THINK he’s saying there isn’t a problem until the mother (or some other adult?) sends her over to bug them.

        • unpluggged

          I think he says קטין נזקק (a Minor in Distress). Here is the definition by Israeli law: http://elyon1.court.gov.il/heb/info/choveret/noar_knizk.htm

          It’s worth noting that this definition applies to a minor when there is an apparent threat to his life or wellbeing, and also to a minor who had committed felony or misdemeanor and have not yet put to trial, or is under bad influence from others.

          The consequence is that a social worker is entitled to intervene for the sake of such minor.

          God, so much hatred is in these people. If only we’d live side by side like brothers…

          • cba

            Thanks. That makes a lot of sense under the circs.

        • Roy

          When he said there is no problem, he didn’t mean it literary. You need to be familiar with the intonation. actually I’m finding it hard to translate the meaning. It’s like someone you cant see throws something at you and you ask “who threw that?!?” and that person says “I did!”, so you say “no problem” which means that while I cant do anything now, wait and see! he will be sorry for throwing that thing on me… basically it is a threat (but usually an empty threat, that never gets followed with an actual action).
          I hope I made things clearer.

          • cba

            That’s not how the intonation sounded to me.

            • Roy

              It’s intonation and context. I dont now if you are Israeli, but any Israeli would recognize this immediately. if you are Israeli, then I might be delirious.

              • cba

                I’m not native born but I’ve lived here in Israel many years and am considered fluent (although not mother-tongue level).

    • http://shimonafromthepalace.wordpress.com Shimona from the Palace

      In Arabic, he said (amongst other things) “Mafish mushkila” (There’s no problem).

      • cba


        I know a few words of Arabic (and can understand more because there’s a lot of overlap with Hebrew) but I didn’t catch any of the Arabic in that video.

  • unpluggged

    Hmm, such a sweet girl. Muhammad would be delighted to marry her.

  • Nogal Wiedes

    Was a good question asking where the mother of this annoying kid was. If no one is responding they should have taken this kid into some kind of “protective” custody. It is dangerous for a kid alone in such an environment. I’m sure someone will pop up in a blink of an eye.

  • cba

    All snarky comments aside, I actually think this is heartbreaking.

    This little girl, who (if you watch her body language after the officer finally says something) is actually not comfortable with what she’s doing, has been put up to it–and, presumably taught English for that very purpose–by her parents.

    קטין נזקק indeed.

  • http://shimonafromthepalace.wordpress.com Shimona from the Palace

    These aren’t actually soldiers. They are policemen.
    I must say, for a kid that age, her English isn’t bad. Such a shame she can’t find a better use for it.

  • Chaval

    Speaking English is a well known organizing tool. It increases the likelihood of broad international coverage. A child doesn’t know that naturally. A child must be indoctrinated. That is sad, and it truly angers me. Plus, if this had been me, my mother would have slapped me upside the head for acting a fool.

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