Fabulous British Colonel Talks Sense

My man crush on Jon Voight extends to Colonel Richard Kemp.

It is people like Colonel Richard Kemp who are the only redeeming features of the United Kingdom these days.

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  • cba

    He’s great!

  • dee

    Richard the lion heart

  • toedeladoki

    They know exactly where the rockets are shooting from and where Isarel will strike !

    Posted August 23, 2014 by joopklepzeiker


    Since the latest round of talks collapsed, 84 Palestinians and one Israeli have died as a result of the violence [AFP]

    Look at the picture, they knew exactly where the bomb would hit !

    And you can see the special explosives used by Israel to avoid as
    much as possible collateral damage, the bomb head is made from nano
    aluminum and has no shrapnel, just dust what is harmless after a couple
    of meters !
    And the pin point precision !
    And they Know it !


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