Hamas Killing More Palestinians

Hamaisis leaving"statements" on bodies of executed "spies",alleging their"crimes" and not even mentioning victims' names! - Mudar Zahran
Hamaisis leaving”statements” on bodies of executed “spies”,alleging their”crimes” and not even mentioning victims’ names! – Mudar Zahran

Translation by Judge Dan of one of the notes left after Hamas murders many Palestinians. It’s basically what our American cousins would call a “rap sheet”:

A summary of the most important items of condemnation.

Provided information for the enemy on the whereabouts of the officers and tunnels and meeting places of Mujahideen and houses and places of missiles launchers and stock that resulted in many of the martyrs of the resistance.

Accordingly, the implementation of the rule of revolutionary justice.

Palestinian resistance.

I’m sure they had a fair trial with adequate representation and were treated humanely and without torture at all times.

Yeah, right.

It seems the IDF and security forces taking out a gaggle of big wig evil henchmen has precipitated an orgy of internal bloodletting.

If any of these guys really were guilty of helping us, I’m genuinely sorry for them.

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