Moral Bankruptcy Of Israel-Hating Brigade In Action

This meme from the Israel-hating brigade – and disseminated by the likes of the Plastic Menace Greta Berlin – really shows their moral bankruptcy.

Comparing the deliberate, brutal beheading of a journalist with the accidental death of  journalists, due to latter’s proximity to terrorists firing rockets and despite warning to evacuate the areas well in advance? Check!

Minimizing the crimes of the barbaric ISIS terrorist organization? Check!

I am willing to bet these haters would have no problem with ISIS beheading Israelis and Jews.

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  • copyleft

    I am willing to bet these haters would have no problem with ISIS beheading Israelis and Jews.
    ISIS beheading Jews would come right on top of Greta Berlin and her ilk’s wet dreams!

  • werewife

    ISIS is as close as we will ever come in real life – to wit, exactly on the money! – to the favorite antagonist of melodramatic adventure fiction. Most such novels, movies, TV series, etc. feature a violent, universalist cult that seeks to conquer everything and rule with an iron fist in the name of its god(s), revels in violence and murder, and uses lies and “diplomacy” where violence alone won’t advance the goal. Like ISIS, these fictional ISES (forgive the coinage) don’t even have the personal courage that was the one virtue of the Axis powers. Here we are facing our culture’s favorite nightmare, and what happens? Our political and cultural “leadership” plunges into utter denial. Not much fun when the fantasy comes to life, is it?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The so-called journalists in Gaza enter either themselves knowing, or certainly their bosses knowing, that they will be used to spread Hamas propaganda and that they risk life and limb if they so much as tell the truth. Accordingly, Israel does not kill journalists, only enemy combatants, which these phonies are.

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