Not One Rocket


I started reading this piece by Antony (Tony) Lerman when I realized, about ten paragraphs in, the striking lack of balance here. That’s when I had a brainstorm, clicked ctrl f and entered the word “rockets” in the handy-dandy find function box. No hits.

Search Function Rockets

In his opinion piece, Tony Lerman uses the pretext of Liberal Zionist attitudes regarding Israel to decry Israel’s response to Hamas terror. But while he has no issue with employing the pretext of the conflict to spread his hate-filled message, he is apparently not willing to offer his readers any context whatsoever for Israel’s military actions in Gaza.

The omission, in my humble opinion, is a glaring indictment of Lerman and the beliefs he posits.

No wonder the anti-Israel New York Times saw fit to print this piece of trash.

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