Reader Post: And The Tears Just Stopped – Robin Williams is Today’s Racist

Robin_Williams-EsquireIt seems like only yesterday that Robin Williams, comedy icon of the 90s, passed from living legend to cherished memory. And for a while, it looked as if the whole world had become more downcast. Eulogies trickled into the news and social media, in an outpouring of sorrow and gratitude.

Perhaps it was just too much to bear. Perhaps if Robin Williams wasn’t such a saint after all, we could collectively shrug our shoulders and get over it. Perhaps if some terrible fault of character were to emerge, he could be sacrificed for the sake of our emotional salvation. What if he had really been a racist?

That brings us to Monday night. A tribute at the Emmys. A montage of Robin Williams’ best moments. But before it ended, a single clip brought an awful realisation to journalists and celebrities alike:

Robin Williams once stood up on stage, wore something that looked like a hijab, and said “I would like to welcome you to Iran. Help me!”

The Independent, its journalism as impeccable as any “proudly liberal” outlet, pointed to Tweets nobody ever read, and duly reported a Twitter phenomenon of shock and outrage. Perhaps they were hoping it would become a real outrage if the fake one became popular enough.

If that doesn’t stick, it won’t make anyone feel any less glum about Williams’ departure, and so someone is going to keep looking. And then they’ll find some other material where the PC line is crossed. I know they’ll find it, because I’ve seen it. It’s pretty good, actually.

And that’ll be enough for the liberal Gestapo to cleanse the mourning from their souls. The only price to pay will be the defamation of a dead man. Bargain.

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  • walt kovacs

    williams once did a 20 minute stream of consciousness bit using my kippah

    he wasnt on the bill, just popped into the holy city zoo on a thursday night (he did that a lot in sf) and i was lucky enough to be sitting in the front row

    he didnt have a racist bone in his body…just wasnt pc

    and nothing racist about pointing out that many women in iran are forced to cover themselves

    • Ivan Ewan

      If you remove your brain and insert it upside down and back to front, you will surely see as leftists do, that an empowered, white man was objectifying a brown woman by emphasising her lack of agency, and was inventing a need for her to be “rescued” by other empowered white men, from other brown people.

      After an acrobatic socialist lobotomy, you too can see the world this way!

      • ScottAdler

        Iranian women aren’t particularly brown, although some have brown hair. They do, on the other hand, tend to obsess too much about their noses, which I think look very elegant and stately, but they tend to think resemble the Rocky Mountains. Plastic surgeons are very popular in Tehrangeles, but I just don’t see the point. Like an Asian woman’s almond eyes, or an African’s cheekbones, they are hardly deficits.

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