Bryan Adams Hating On Israel


The latest celebrity to emerge as an ignoramus extraordinaire is singer Bryan Adams, who has been tweeting away against Israel.

Besides the usual anti-Israel talking points and platitudes, note how he dismisses the killing of a 4-year-old Israeli, the killing of 3 Israeli teens, the fact Israeli children have to keep running for cover, and the Hamas charter calling for Jews to be killed.

It is a shame Adams does not remember the summer of 69 better. If he did, he would remember how Israel fought and won a battle for its survival just two years earlier, why it needed to hold on to the disputed territories, and how Gaza was under the control of Egypt.

As it turns out, Adams is just another celebrity for whom facts and logic are not music to his ears.

Update: In the past, Adams has claimed to be committed to the OneVoice initiative, which seems anti-Hamas. He also claimed he would return to Israel for a concert, after his planned concert in 2007 was cancelled due to violence.

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