Gazan Girl Co-Opts Anne Frank

In today’s Scott Baio post, I rained on the parade a bit at the end by pointing out Henry Winkler’s retweeting of a Gazan.

winkler tweet

The Gazan in question has been in the news recently. And describes herself as the Anne Frank of Gaza-Palestine.

farah gazan

I wonder if Henry Winkler knows she has taken this iconic Jewish figure from the Holocaust and co-opted her like other Israel haters before her.

I hope not, because if so, I would have to say he well and truly jumped the shark.

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  • 1Biodegradable1

    More about her here:

    She’s called Farah Baker and was interviewed by the BBC.

  • Benny

    Reminds me of lightweight Dan Quayle comparing himself to President Kennedy in the 1988 VP debate. Lloyd Bentsen hastened to put Quayle in his place with a classic putdown including the words: “Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy.”

  • J B

    As I don’t have any background on this, could it just be he saw the one tweet shown, which is wholly positive by itself, and retweeted that, not knowing anything else about the poster? Twitter isn’t exactly the medium of deep thought.

  • dabney

    Anyone who self-assigns a noble designation like “The New Anne Frank” is automatically suspect. I doubt very much that in 50 years any high-school student anywhere in the world will be studying this Palestinian fraud’s tweets. But I bet they’ll still be reading Anne Frank’s diary.

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