BREAKING: George Galloway Suspect Named

George Galloway assaultAccording to the Daily Mail, the suspect in the George Galloway assault I wrote about earlier has been named:

The Metropolitan Police said Neil Masterson, 39, of Camden Hill, London, will appear before Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

The force said he was charged with “assault by beating which is religiously aggravated on a male in his 60s and also common assault on a male in his 40s”.

It was understood the second charge related to a member of the public who stepped in.

He has a Facebook profile with a fair amount of public posting. This is of interest, posted yesterday at 8:44 am:

As a Catholic, it grieves me deeply that the catholic church was confederate-in-chief in antisemitism; and their antisemitism essentially caused the most brutal murderous aspects of the Nazis…

If we fail to check Islam in precisely the same way as we, using the most advanced laws of the day, did against Catholics for centuries, then a greater antisemitism with a far greater darkness than the Nazis will be sure to follow.

Where Jews suffer, we are all doomed to suffer… eventually.

Kill the beast, it must be slain. Keep destroying it until it starts to destroy itself.

PS Catholics have paid their dues to the protestant ascendancy and are now reconciled; why does Islam get the free pass…? Now that is an infinitely more unfair form of discrimination against humanity if we fail to stop it.

I’m sure this will be discussed endlessly and it is highly interesting to note, despite Gilad Atzmon’s knee jerk calls for Jews to be spied on, he is not Jewish.

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  • richardolsen

    I’m assuming that Gilad will now apologise for alluding to the fact that it was “Jewish Terrorism”. Yeah, didn’t think so.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      As Menachem Begin said after Sabra and Shatila, “Goyim kill goyim and they blame the Jews.”

      • Haye Hudi


      • richardolsen

        So very true.

    • dabney

      Gilad is still on a high from getting to lash out at the Jews over this. It’s not every day he gets such a high quality fix, poor guy. Let’s not harsh his buzz.

    • walt kovacs

      dont hold your breath

  • David Hersch

    He should have hit him harder. I have written to Neil Masterson and said I am
    willing to contribute to his defence costs. May I encourage all of you
    to do the same, no matter how big or small. Note that Neil is not Jewish
    and in many ways, I wish he was. Neil is a hero and a man of substance
    and integrity. Bless him.

    • Ivan Ewan

      Don’t take this the wrong way, but would Neil have a legal leg to stand on? I mean, the best legal defence would be to say that Neil didn’t do it, but contributing to legal costs because you think he did do it… this might backfire.

      Otherwise I am very very glad that George Galloway got a little taste of justice. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving MP.

      • CableLegend

        He has already been arrested and charged, so he is going to need to spend money on a lawyer at this point. He will most likely work out a plea deal through his attorney to have the charges reduced to lesser offenses (I’m assuming the UK system is similar to the US system) but that will still cost money. In any event, setting up some sort of legal defense fund will not affect his ability to say he is innocent or that they have the wrong guy, if he chose to go that route.

      • ScottAdler

        Perhaps he should have been charged with cruelty to an animal?

  • The Bobcat

    I’m grateful for Neil’s words, but less so for his actions. Don’t stoop to their level!

    • walt kovacs

      galloway incites violence with his words

      the chickens have come home to roost

    • VictorMC

      Why not? There an NO levels Galloway and pals won’t stoop to, you just have to lower yourself to go under their slimy stones occasionally.

  • Mickey Oberman

    It could not have happened to a more deserving candidate.
    Too bad it was only a jaw bone.
    However, that should shut him up for a while.

    Mickey Oberman

  • jhertzli

    To Neil Masterson: You cannot use the Ring!

    • Whirmalimerimpalim

      Ah, so much told in so few words. Like it.

  • VictorMC

    Does anybody have an email for Mr. Masterson? I want to send him my congratulations and a donation.

    • Miriam

      Neil has a page in facebook .. you can send him any message through facebook

      • VictorMC

        Thanks Miriam but I will NEVER sign up with what I call – packed with hackers and nutters.

  • Lawrence

    Note it took a Catholic not a Jew, to give Hamas fundraiser and Jew-hater Galloway a strong punch! The thing is Masterson now faces prosecution and one assumes some jail time, I hope not but I don’t see how he can get off. What punishment does he face? Unfortunate he didn’t get away.

    Masterson the Catholic cares more about anti-Semitism than the majority of British and American Jews, who for the most part are indifferent, apathetic, cowardly and worse.

  • ScottAdler

    Crown prosecutor — precisely what has this man done thaqt any decent person wouldn’t do i similar circumstances?

  • Inessa

    Free speech is one thing, but can an elected MP publicly say these things that are racist and inflammatory? I understand he is left wing, and does not represent the party in government, but surely, once he is elected, there must be some restrictions as he is now a representative of the government, and makes his living from British tax payers. He can’t be allowed to say Israeli tourists are not welcome to his electorate, when this is quite in opposition to the government’s stance. Not to mention that in the current climate of growing Antisemitism, it is not a stretch that his statement can probably be proven to be a catalyst in incitement to violence, especially in Bradford. I mean if tge MP himself says these things, and Israelis or even Jews show up, and violence ensues, it’s not hard to join the dots.
    It’s a disgrace it was left upto a decent person like Neil to deal with this spiteful leech. Why isn’t the government doing something? Cut off his salary.

  • dabney

    What the F are you on about?

  • Sian Webley

    He’s hardly a quasi-terrorist! And as for “the Israeli propaganda machine” spewing “out the anti-Israel = anti-jewish equation” – don’t you know your Israeli history???

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