Shhhh Don’t Hurt The Palestinian Narrative


Sometimes Facebook, via my wide range of friends, leads me to see things I truly wouldn’t expect from people I’m not normally aware of.

Last night I saw a simple Facebook comment:

I am fed up (and scared shitless) with how Palestinians drive in Jaffa. Especially the women. Now that I have a kid all I want to say is: Screw you

I’m not going to identify the author by name but she writes for the far left +972 Mag website and has written for Ha’aretz. Her status was immediately followed by some surprise from her friends and also plenty trying to say that Israelis (meaning Israeli Jews of course) drive as bad or worse.

The first comment on the piece was the obvious:

That’s racialistic!

or this

They’re probably dodging IDF

But one of her friends nailed the real problem with this woman expressing a simple truth:

Sorry ——- but you are not ANY facebooker.. Your words, given that you are a writer who suffers from prejudice where you live due to your views, are taken credible and you can’t expect them not to be taken so just because it is on Facebook. You are friends with people on this same social media outlet who still believe that this land is occupied and when someone like you , one of the minority supporting Palestinians, writes this, it does not sound right especially after a recent war where regardless of the reasons, the majority of “moms” suffering as always is Palestinian. It is a package.. You are subjective, so am I. The context steals away the sense of humor I would have had if this was someone else’s status

So reporting an observation made with her own eyes is not allowed because as she is “one of the minority supporting Palestinians” she must never state anything that detracts from the narrative she is supposed to promote. This is exactly what Matti Friedman and others have recently spoken about.

Of course…. after a few hours of this she had to walk back from the edge of expressing what she really saw with her own eyes:

I wrote it in a moment of total anger, I should not have used a nationality. But for the record, Israelis are much worse drivers

Oh dear, Arabs in Jaffa are Israelis, same nationality as me last time I checked. And I’m not going to deny that Israelis (probably of all ethnicities) are absolutely lousy at parking.

And, my dear friends from the so called “pro-palestinian” left, trying to hush up a simple, academically verifiable, observation, just like trying to pretend Hamas don’t use human shields, fire from next to schools or intimidate journalists will result in more dead Arab children.

Just another example of lethal journalism.

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