A Terrorist Gets Bee Headed


In Gaza, there were many tragic victims of the latest operation.  For the children, tragedy really struck home when Muhammad Al-Ar’ir was killed.

Al-Ar’ir was known by the young impressionable children of Gaza for portraying the beloved “Nahoul”, a fun-loving bumble bee on Al Aqsa TV’s “Tomorrow’s Pioneers“. Nahoul teaches the Strip’s youth of important Hamas values such as,

1) Neighborly relations:

2) Making new friends

nahoul negotiate


3) ….  ?????

These kids have given their fallen hero a heartwarming tribute, from Al-Aqsa studios where the Zionists have “destroyed every stone and every tree”. (Probably for good reason [article 7])

So long, Nahoul. We hardly knew ye.

nahoul memoriam

Aussie Dave adds: Mohammed Alareer/Muhammad Al-Ar’ir was previously described as playing Karkour the chicken, and not Nahoul the bee. So it looks like those in charge of Tomorrow’s Pioneers also “hardly knew ye”!

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