Nahoul The Botox Bee

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Yesterday, I noticed something striking about Deebo’s post on the death of the guy who played Nahoul the Bee on Hamas TV’s Tomorrow’s Pioneers (or was that Karkour the Chicken?)

And I don’t use “striking” in the sense of what Nahoul would do to his Jewish neighbors if given the chance.

I noticed that not only is Nahoul “undead”, but he seems to have undergone quite a change in appearance over the years.


nahoul the bee 2007


nahoul the bee


This is prohibited in Islam.

Cosmetic procedures are of two types:

1 – Those which are done to remove a fault resulting from an accident etc. There is nothing wrong with that because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) gave permission to a man whose nose had been cut off in battle to wear a nose made of gold.

2 – Those which are unnecessary and are not done to remove a fault but rather to increase beauty. This is haraam and is not permissible, because the Messenger of Allaah (S) cursed women who pluck eyebrows, those who have their eyebrows plucked, those who fix hair extensions, those who have hair extensions done, those who do tattoos and those who have tattoos done, because that is done as an enhancement and is not done to remove faults.

Which means we may hear about him being killed again real soon.

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