Israel Haters Offer “Proof” ISIS Is A Zionist Conspiracy


True to form, haters of Israel – who perhaps can’t explain away the beheadings and general brutality – are claiming that ISIS is a Zionist conspiracy (although there are still those who prefer to blame just the rage on Israel).

The latest “proof” offered for this bowl of baths*t crazy is the following video, purported to be of ISIS terrorists burning the palestinian flag.

Smoking flag gun? Hardly.

This is the palestinian flag:


And this is the flag of the Ba’ath Party:


Yeah, they are pretty much identical. Both the palestinian flag and Ba’ath Party flags are based on the one used by Arab nationalists during the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire in World War I.

And it is understandable why ISIS would be burning the Ba’ath Party flag,

So this anti-Israel propaganda effort is really just a false flag operation. So to speak.

The Israel haters really should learn their flags better.


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