Israel Shoots Teen In The Face With A Gas Grenade


Excuse the “Ma’an-ish” title, but that’s the headline you’ll soon see so I just preempted them.

This post is about observations on this video:

Yes, yes. That jerkwad got what’s coming to him. A bulls-eye right in the kisser by a gas grenade.

Here’s what interested me though.

Between the moment he was struck in the face, to the time not one but TWO ambulances arrived to his aid: 12 seconds. Which is the time it takes an average person to buckle his seat belt and start the engine. Then at 0:38, terrorist #3 enters the ambulance like it’s his very own getaway car.

Which leaves me with 2 takeaways from this scene.

  1. Pallywood production
  2. Palestinians once again using civilian ambulances as instruments of terror.

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