World Leaders At Paris Rally In Honor Of Terror Attack Victims


Dozens of world leaders today joined some 1.5 million French citizens in a march through Paris, in an unprecedented tribute to victims of this week’s Islamist terrorist attacks.

It was clearly a somber occasion, as you can see from the below photo. Although one of the leaders clearly did not get the memo. Either that, or his true feelings were hard to mask.

REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

Meanwhile, see if you can spot the following men in this next photo:

Eric Feferberg/AFP
Eric Feferberg/AFP
  1. Leader who equated Islamic extremism with “Zionist extremism”
  2. Leader who recently welcomed Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, who called for the liberation of “Jerusalem and Palestine” at a conference which also heard calls for the destruction of Israel
  3. The President of the United States

In the case of 3., don’t spend too much time looking. You won’t find him.

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