Aussie Dave, Conspiracy Theorist


Last week, I saw a hilarious meme about Putin going around and knew I had to tweet it.

My tweet was spread far and wide, much to my own surprise.

But I was even more surprised to see this from Russia Today.


Conspiracy theorist? Clearly they did not understand my pun (which I am actually proud of, as well as the ones I used in my follow-up tweets).

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d suggest that the KGB tortured Russia Today’s sense of irony until it left the building.

This reminds me of the time I posted a crazy theory I found on an anti-Israel site about Rowan Atkinson converting to Islam – entitling my post Batsh*t Crazy Claim Of The Day – and yet still had over half the Muslim world believing it and claiming I was the one who started the rumor!

Ahh well, you can’t fix stupid.

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