Lights, No Cameras, No Action: Friday Afternoon Near The Temple Mount


The Jordan News Agency announced on April 18:

Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said that Jordan has always been, and will remain the staunchest supporter and defender of Palestine, its people and cause as well as its holy shrines…

The objective of installing these cameras, he added was to gain legal, political and media advantages in the face of the continued Israeli practices against the sanctity of the holy places, and enable Muslims around the world to follow what is happening in the courtyards of Al Aqsa Mosque and increase their sympathy and support to it.

Well, guess who was surprised that their “Palestinian brethren” in Jerusalem did not want videos? The idea started by John Kerry is off. No video cameras will be installed by Jordan so world can see what is happening near their holy mosque.

Friday afternoon, I arrived at Dung Gate, near the Western Wall Plaza, as Muslim afternoon prayers ended. It has been a while since I have been there on a Friday afternoon.

People walking near Western Wall after Friday Muslim prayers

The man on the right had his prayer rug on his head, many do that, but I am not sure what those green curly things were.

Friday after Muslim afternoon prayer in Old City police pack up to leaveThe Western Wall Plaza was not crowded, but warm in the mid-day sun.

Israeli security in Mughrabi Bridge on Friday for Muslim prayer time

Israeli security kept watch from Mugrabi Bridge. Israelis stay off the Temple Mount, in this structure, in case there is trouble, as it is the only entrance for non-Muslims.

Muslims walking through Jewish Quarter to leave after Friday prayers Temple MountMuslims came down the steps from the Jewish Quarter,

Muslims walking through Kotel plaza on Friday after prayersand across the Western Wall Plaza on their way home. No security checks. No barriers.

Walking away after Muslim Friday prayers out side Western Wall Plaza

Men and women kept coming,

Israeli police pack up van outside the Western Wall Plaza

walking past the police vans packing up. No police abuse. No stopping anyone.

Muslims walk by Israeli Police

They kept coming, young boys and an old man with a walking stick,

Muslims walk home after Friday prayers at Al Aqsa and walk by securityand they kept coming. No knives, no violence, boys of all ages were not stopped.

Muslim men after Friday prayer at AlAqsa going homeThis was just one gate, one Friday afternoon in the Old City of Jerusalem. Israeli security packed up to go home, even as the Muslim men kept coming.

I was upset no video! I should have taken footage instead of too many photos to share. Thousands of Muslims worshiping on a regular Friday afternoon, unhindered by Israeli security, not the scenes of “Israeli practices” Jordan had in mind.

When there are no stones and no riots, Israel does not have to respond.

Too bad John Kerry, another idea turned down by Abbas and crew. Did you bother to ask what the PA does not want to be shown? If Abbas rejects terrorist activity, he should be first to agree to cameras.

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