The Bizarre Tale of Wisam Jaafar Ghaith


Ma’an News reports:

Wisam Jaafar GhaithThe family of a Jerusalemite Palestinian, who was killed in a traffic accident on a highway in central Israel overnight Friday, called the reports they received from Israeli police “bizarre.”

The body of 24-year-old Wisam Jaafar Ghaith was sent to the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Tel Aviv.

His uncle Majdi Ghaith told Ma’an on Saturday that Israeli police summoned the family members to a police station in the Neve Yaakov settlement in occupied East Jerusalem and notified them that Ghaith was killed after he was run over by a vehicle.

Israeli police, the uncle said, “claimed that Wisam was chased after he stole a truck, and after he pulled over and stepped out, a speeding vehicle hit him and he died immediately.”

“We find the Israeli police’ reports bizarre, though it is possible that Wisam was driving without a license and tried to run away from police,” added the uncle. He highlighted that his nephew served seven months in jail and has recently “avoided driving without license in order to get back his driving license.”

Ghaith did not have any criminal records and had been working in construction sites in Israel, his uncle said, maintaining that the family demanded that Israeli police carry out further investigations into the accident.

Route 6, he said, “is full of security cameras” which could be helpful in the investigation.

So let’s get this straight. The uncle of the deceased claims the police report of his nephew’s death – that he stole a truck and was chased by police, before being pulled over, stepping out and getting hit by a speeding vehicle – is bizarre.

Even though he admits nephew could very well have been running away from police.

And even though he admits nephew could have been driving without a license, even though he has avoided doing such a thing.

Furthermore, he claims nephew did not have any criminal record – right after admitting he served 7 months in jail.

Now that is bizarre.

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