Amona: Beyond The Emotions


Embers of Israeli wildfires have been extinguished and the fire fighters have returned home. Now time to return to the problem of what to do about Amona.

Amona is set for destruction on December 25th, the first day of Hanukkah. Yehuda Yifrach, wrote in the Hebrew newspaper Mikor Rishon, about eight crucial things to know about Amona and Middle Eastern land rights.

Since a trip to Amona, I have consulted with people involved. The only thing everyone agrees on is “it is complicated, there is no simple answer.”

While an 82 year-old Arab woman Yesh Din found cannot remember how many children she has, she can recall working her father’s fields and fig trees in the hill-top away from her village.

But there are the Israelis who acted in good faith and want their government to protect them and their families.

First listen to Nahum:

then to Aaron who grew up on Ofra:

Thousands of Israelis have been burnt out of their homes, now more homes are to be destroyed.

Just know the facts about Amona, the land, not just emotions. It is complicated.

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