CNN Screw-Up Of The Day


Tweeter Gidon Shaviv retweeted a story from CNN today. Before the tweet was pulled – for reasons that are apparent – he had the foresight to screenshot it.

should we slip in somewhere high up a ref to the attack this weekend. i think we should. showing how the place is already a city of high tension blah blah — Yes …

It looks like someone forgot to change the “excerpt” of the story, which Twitter automatically pulled as the preview text.

You have to love the indifference shown.

Should we mention the terror attack, but only to advance the narrative that there are tensions there (as opposed to, say, the palestinians are still engaging in terrorism) blah blah blah?

By the way, here is the final story. The reporters added this as the 5th paragraph:

Jerusalem is already something of a tinderbox, with the most recent violence coming Sunday afternoon, when a Palestinian drove a truck into a crowd of Israeli soldiers, killing four.

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